Discovering Your Safe Place

We all want to feel safe and secure.  It’s human nature to build foundations that we think will protect us from danger.

Unfortunately, the sense of ‘safety’ too often doesn’t seem to ‘materialize’ as we hope.  There’s a fundamental reason why.

Fear can never produce anything but more fear.

Some people do it by learning the ‘correct doctrines’ because they believe that will keep them safe from deception.

Note:  I believe the Bible is a source of a potentially powerful, stable foundation for our lives.  I’m not minimizing the importance of good bible based understanding.  After all, Paul told Timothy that Scripture is profitable.

A good base of biblical understanding is very foundational.  However, all doctrines and good biblical understanding are not always the same thing.

How do I know the difference?

The primary way to be sure that what you know is infused with the heart of God is the fruit it produces; who you feel God is and what He is like.  Is your desire to read, study, and know His Word based on the desire to really know Him better, or is your search for understanding rooted in fear.  Is your concern that if you don’t have the right doctrine, you will be walking in deception, and He will be angry with you, or at least upset and disappointed in you?  Are you afraid of His displeasure?  Do you think believing the right doctrines make Him more happy with you?

I do believe that we can please God.  It’s good…better than good…to desire He be pleased with us.  But the question is…

What action on your part causes Him to be pleased?  There are a number of things we can discuss about that, but I want to focus, in this article, on the one area.  The fear motivation.

Let me repeat:  Fear doesn’t surround us with protection.  It only produces after it’s kind…more fear.  Fear does not have the capacity to produce the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).

Discovering Your Safe Space

The place to know and truly experience God is in your heart.  Unfortunately, our Western culture is obsessed with the ability to pursue and grow in intellectual, academic skills. We the ability to “reason through” issues is the way to discover reality; to genuinely be safe from error and deception.

Although good thinking practices are ultimately necessary, truth and safety begin by consulting the heart.  We’ve too often put ‘reason’ in the driver’s seat with our hearts riding along in the back seat as a less valued silent partner.  In fact, that’s a big problem.  God never intended our brains to be boss.  Our ‘thought-computer’ isn’t able to see the unseen.  And, it’s the unseen that comprises most of what is truly real. Intellectual ability is important. However, He designed the capacity of logical thought only to articulate what was being communicated in the language of the heart.


Unfortunately, through lack of use, Western society has virtually lost the ability to discern and understand ‘heart language.’  The heart speaks primarily with images, feelings, and impressions that are not immediately apparent with our physical senses.  However, in my experience, learning what the heart is communicating is far more potent than intellectually conceived of logic.  As I said, the intellectual capacity is available for the purpose of ‘articulating’ what the heart is communicating regarding that which isn’t visible.

Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness (the mind of Christ) is found in the river that flows in the canyons of the heart.  We are able to access that ‘river’ by a faith intention to do so, and the practice of shifting our focus through some form of ‘sinking inward’ through contemplation, pondering, or meditation…whichever description with which you feel most comfortable.

It is in the region of the heart that we develop a wonderful, living relationship with the Living Word.  It is the Living Word that contains the transformational power; not the humanly constructed doctrinal word…even though it may contain Bible words or theological sounding designs.

It’s vital that we allow Holy Spirit to guide us on the path of internal growth with God.  It is the Living Word that creates the ‘safe place’ for us to find protection.

May these words give you an itch that you pursue to scratch!