Divorced and Proud by Gary Ellis

There’s divorce and there’s divorce.  The severing of a marital relationship between two people leaves scars, and often a great deal of pain and confusion.  That is not the divorce to which my title refers.

The kind of divorce I’m proud of is the decision to severe myself from satisfaction with average living.

As we continue to look at this bizarre sounding statement, clarification is in order.  It’s very important to realize there is a difference between contentment and complacency.  One is born of being satisfied with full “not average” life.  The other is the child of compromise.  I think it’s obvious which is which.

As a Jesus Follower, I believe Christ died and rose for me to do far more than forgive my sins so I can get a free ride into heaven when I die.  As vital as forgiveness is to the subject, to make “salvation” all about that minimizes the wonderful work of the Cross of Jesus.

Jesus came to make it possible for there to be a vital reconnection with the Kingdom of God and the Heavenly Father Himself…not to mention Jesus, Himself, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came so that He could legally become one with us.  To restore us to a place of being more than mere men.  More than conquerors in life.  He came to be multiplied in the earth through His brothers and sisters (God’s children).

Yes…there is more than this age.  There is the age to come.  And salvation means access to God’s Kingdom in the age to come.  The best news of all about that is that the admission price is already paid for us by Jesus.  All we have to do is accept the free gift.

However, “salvation” also has a great deal to do with this age in which we now live.  It has to do with being “Fellow Rescuers” with Christ Jesus.  It has to do with “re-presenting” Jesus in attitude and action by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Satisfaction with average will not go there.  Too many things could go wrong to rain on one’s parade.  Too much risk.

The more I get to know Jesus (develop my personal relationship with Him), the more “average” tastes rancid.  To “rub shoulders” with Jesus, in spirit, is enlightening my eyes to see the powerful and exciting potentials in the words, “Abundance of Life.”   I’ve come to realize that “Average Christianity” is a brand of religion you can slip yourself into without having to embrace much of anything vital and vibrant.

It’s possible to be an average Christian and never…I mean not once in a life time…do the good works of God.  The average Christian is too concerned about maintaining their own space and comfort.

So, I decided to get a divorce….from being satisfied with living the life of an average Christian.  What’s more, I am maintaining a toxic relationship with it, because the hypnotic lull of the flesh is too deceptive.  Before I know it, I’m “in bed” and under the warm covers of compromise.

Being satisfied with average bore me no children but the twins of complacency and mediocrity.  So, I’ve divorced the whole lot.  I don’t even pay child support.  And….I’m proud of it! That’s my decision and I’m sticking with it.

The Lord made all of us with unique powerful personalities in their own right.  There is no one type of “above average.”  It looks different with each person.  But, ya know….you can tell the difference.  It certainly feels different.

I invite you to join this abundant life group of those of us who’ve decided to be supernatural.  Naturally supernatural.  Never again will we be satisfied with anything less than a “more than conqueror” life.  I may slip, trip, and occasionally stumble; But, I’ll never be satisfied with average.