Do Something Small Today

“You can’t do great things today.  So do small things with great love” – Mother Teresa

The biggest bang for the buck.  That’s the ‘American Way.’  That’s what we’ve come to believe is the most important thing.

That ain’t the truth.  That’s misinformation.  That’s misunderstanding of you and me and how we fit into God’s reality.

<btw, That’s another subject, itself.  The difference between human reality and God’s reality.  But, I digress. That’s for another post>

I often say in the weddings I perform, “If you forget everything else said here, today, remember this: It’s the little things that are the big things.

Just for today…and then maybe the day after that.  And, then, the day after that, etc….

Do Something Small Today…With Great Love.  Then, do another…and another.  Those small things done with great love is what will make your life worthwhile.

Now what do you say? What small things can be done (or have you done…or doing) with great love.  Share.  It will help us all learn what little things are actually big things.  Put your examples in the “comments.”

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