Don’t Chase The Butterfly

You desire more clear communication with the Lord.  You know that prayer is more than a one sided conversation where you do all of the talking.  You know about “getting quiet” and you try to listen. But it’s such a struggle.  You often give up to try  again another day.

I know how you feel.  I’ve felt the same way, myself.  But, I found a secret!  I discovered something very important that opens the door to better “hearing” the Lord.

Simply put, it’s found in the phrase, “Don’t chase the butterfly!”

In the natural world, if you chase butterflies, they will flutter away from you.  It’s the same in the spiritual world!

There Are Two Major Mistakes

There are two major mistakes that people make when they are seeking the Lord desiring two way communication.

  1. They Chase The Butterfly
  2. Thy Listen For A Loudspeaker In Their Head

Here’s how I learned this.  One morning I sat down in my early morning prayer place. I listened to some scripture (Psalm 27) on my computer.  I then turned my attention to “the center of my being” instead of my head.  (Actually, the turning of my attention inward should start the process.) Then I expressed words of praise and worship.  Next, I asked Jesus to speak whatever He had for me…(and then)…

I pushed my imagination to experience something.  (You see, I know that the sanctified imagination is the doorway to connect with spiritual perception)

Other than a few random scatterings of uninspired pictorial debris…nothing was happening.

Then a hunch hit me, “Don’t chase the butterfly.”  “Be still and wait for it to light on you shoulder.”

I had just learned a vital secret to communication with the Lord.  I’d just discovered an important principle of experiencing the voice of His Spirit.

Don’t Push.  Wait Until He Initiates Something. The discipline of waiting takes practice…but, it’s extremely important if we really want a rich relationship with the Lord.

I’m so grateful for His grace in responding to me – with the thought of not chasing the butterfly – while I was emotionally pushing.  But, it was to instruct me on the issue of getting comfortable with waiting in an illustration I would understand.

  • Don’t listen for a loudspeaker in your head.

The second mistake we make as we are “pushing” for an inner response is expecting to hear words. In other words, we are trying to hear inner speech.

Much of the time He will initiate a response with a vague perception or picture in our “mind.”  As we then focus on that “sense,” it will begin to become clear.  That all happens at different speeds.  Most of the time I do not get the “full meaning” at that time, but instead, as I re-think it during the day.

I’m truly desperate to develop a deep relationship with the Lord.  It is obvious (I hope) that the depth of any relationship is directly linked to the issue of communication.  My desire for you, my blog reader, is to increase the quality of your personal relationship with Him.  May we walk this journey on a path that grows brighter day by day.

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  • Kim Farb

    Gary, great word! Made me think of an experience I had during the recent Angels and Miracles conference. We were practicing using our “sanctified imagination” and I was struggling to focus. I kept “looking” to see what the Lord was saying. Then I found myself riding a butterfly! We went to a place of mountains and grassy hills, a place I often meet the Lord. The butterfly landed and I slipped to the ground over it’s head. I turned and watch it fly off. Then I went on to meet the Lord. And we visited.

    Very cool about the butterfly. And in case anyone else out there finds themselves riding the Butterfly on the way to meet the Lord; best dismount is over the head!

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