Don’t Fear Mistakes – by Gary Ellis

Fears come in all sizes and shapes.  The fear of making a mistake is at the top of many people’s inability to move forward in their lives.

Nobody wants to be mistaken.  Especially if the subject is important to them.  But, the truth of the matter is this…

If you aren’t making any mistakes, you may not be taking the necessary chances that will break you out of the cycle of mediocrity or frustration.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that the contents always lead to a spiritual application.  So, let me make a bold statement about spirituality and mistakes.

If one doesn’t make mistakes in their journey of Christian maturity, they aren’t growing.  You can accumulate “Christian information” and slip backwards on the path of maturity. 

What we call maturity only deepens through exercising and practicing what’s on the printed page, or favorite teachers CD or sermon.  To put the information into practice always demands the risk of failure.

In truth, a strong motivation behind the “fear of making a mistake” is actually the person not wanting to look bad, or be embarrassed.

Perhaps that admission in the form of repentance before the Lord is the most honest road to take.  But listen…

No one with a birth certificate on planet earth is going to be able to successfully navigate the road of righteousness without risking mistakes.  Fact is…you will make them.  Plenty of them.  You’ll learn from them.  You’ll get better…and better…and better.

And realize this.  Fear of making mistakes can only get a grip on you if your focus is on yourself and not the life and freedom of Christ within you.

The disciple Peter was a hot head, and a screw up on many occasions.  Seriously so.  He even denied knowing Jesus at one point.  But, he also had the kind of impulsiveness that got him over the edge of the boat.  None of the other disciples walked on the water.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t walk in wisdom.  But, what is often called wisdom is, in fact, a spiritual sounding term for walking in fear of making a mistake. 

Mistakes are not your enemy.  They actually can be your friends.