Don’t let the (K)nots hang you…

K(nots) can have very positive purposes.  So can “nots.”  But, there are K(nots) that will hang you…

  • I’m NOT ever going to have any friends
  • I’m NOT gifted like other people
  • I’m NOT able to “quit smoking”…”(you fill in the blank)”
  • I’m NOT good enough
  • Etc, etc, (ad infinitum etcs)

Those are the kind of K(nots) that will hang you.  To focus on all the negative and seemingly unproductive things in your life will never bring you the hope that encourages trust and faith.  Some people believe that they are only being “realistic” when they boldly declare the K(nots) about their lives.  Unfortunately, the longer they make their beds with this kind of “realism,” the blinder they become to God’s plan, power, and purposes for them.

“I can do all things…through Christ…who has given me His strength.”   Before it’s too late…be bold enough to believe God would never lie to you…ever!

Start agreeing with His Words. It may not be easy at first.  It depends on how tight the k(not) has become around the throat of your mind.  But, before you are hung without remedy, begin untying the k(not) with your mouth, today!

The k(nots) don’t have to hang you.  Start, today, talking the truth of God’s word.  Insist on it.  Let the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart be acceptable –  without all the (k)NOTS!

What are some of the “k(nots)” that can hang people.  Join the conversation!  Comment!