“Dull To Dynamic” – The Bible #1


Audio version of the text:

The Bible and Prayer are…

  • Foundational and Fundamental.
  • Authentic Christians know that.
  • Not so authentic Christians also parrot that reality. 
  • But, what about all those times when the Bible is a boring chore…and prayer…empty and seemingly futile?

Yes, I know the ruts on that rocky road.  I’ve been there and bought the stupid t-shirt.  I’ve also been discovering another reality.  “Dull To Dynamic” is the focus of the next several posts.

Recently, my wife and I were chatting on the way home from church.  (That’s a good thing.  Much better than arguing, eh?) At one point I said, “You know…it’s one thing to tell people how important the bible and prayer are.  It’s another thing to help them discover a positive and powerful experience for themselves.

So, in the next several blog posts, I’m going to reveal some of my own discoveries on the subject.  And, I’m starting  with The Bible and how you (that’s right you) can convert the consumption of the bible’s pages from duty to delight.  Every time and every day?  Nope.  The flesh, devil, and empty habits will try to distract you.  However, there are practical steps that can be taken which will take anyone’s bible and prayer life from dull to dynamic.  Or, as the British would say boring to brilliant.

Probably the most imporant … no, not probably … THE most important reality that saturates every principle, exercise, experiment, and method is a fundamental commitment to action.  No matter how brilliant or practical, all of it is off no value without practical application.  BUT WAIT…

I’m not suggesting you commit to an hour a day from now until Jesus comes!  

If you will carve out a slot of 10 minutes a day for the next 30 days, you will be surprised at the transformation.

I’m very enthused to share some of the “tricks of the trade” that’ll increase your thirst for the scriptures and prayer at least 10-fold. But remember…you must engrave a 10 minute time slot somewhere into each of your day’s 24 hoursIf you miss here and there, don’t give up.  Just keep chuggin along.  The hardest part is creating a fresh habit.  However – once established – the habit, itself, will become your heavy lifter.

For today, I’m starting with one really straight forward “technique” to get you started.  Tomorrow we’ll add a couple more, and so on…

Let’s get started:

Step 1:  Fish till you get a bite.  (Let me explain):

  1. Select a quiet 10 minute time slot.  Preferably in the morning…but that’s your choice.  It’s all good.
  2. Select a “fishing hole.”  Suggestions:  Psalms, John, Ephesians.
  3. Pray:  “Holy Spirit please read this with me.”  This is a vital step that must be part of every example.
  4. Read without trying to understand every word.  Continue reading until you get a nibble.  Ie:  Until something “catches your attention.”  Maybe it will happen within a few words or verses.  Maybe you’ll read the whole 10 minutes and you don’t notice anything especially.  If you get a nibble, stop and let your heart rest right there.  Read those few words over a few times while praying, “Holy Spirit show me something here.  Speak to me, please.”  In fact, entertain that thought off and on the rest of the day.
  5. If nothing stands out, just thank the Lord for His word and come back for another 10 minutes the next day (or later that day.)

There are many ways the Lord speaks to us.  He didn’t stop talking once He finished inspiring the text of Scripture.  However, most people are really amazed at how much He is speaking, personally, through the pages of Scripture.  In fact, it’s foundational and fundamental to all other forms of hearing His voice.

<To be continued…)

As we walk this practical journey, let us hear from you in the comments.  Ask questions, or share your own insights and helpful tips.