“Dull To Dynamic” – The Bible #3

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So, here we go with some more discoveries I’ve made that help the Bible take on a new, exciting, life impacting change.

A Valuable Reminder:

The best methods are the one’s that are used.  [Deep, huh?] It takes more work at the beginning, because consistency isn’t what most people are used to anymore…except perhaps consistent worrying.  [Which proves we do have the ability and hope to become consistent with those things that matter] 🙂

The Tool Chest:

Consistency doesn’t mean that you use the same method of Bible reading until the drab world of boredom takes over!  The part you want to conform to is a regular, life-giving intake of God’s Word.  If you’re like me, I need variety.  Varying the method of Scripture intake keeps it fresh for me.   So, in the days ahead, I’m going to introduce several tips that are like “tools” for your Bible Study Tool Chest.  That doesn’t mean you try to use them all at once.  Although, in time you may find yourself using more than one with each days reading/study.  But, each day just pick one and then start.  [Don’t forget to pray first…something like, “Holy Spirit please read with me]

Today’s Tools:

  1. Read The Passage Out-loud.
    You may or may not think you’re a good out-loud reader.  And, btw, you don’t have to shout the words.  Just read them loud enough that you can hear yourself.  I’m not sure of what it’s called, but there is some scientific evidence that supports the fact that what you hear with your own voice, resonates more deeply within.  It also slows you down.  You can read much faster with your eyes, but if you you read the words with your mouth and vocal chords, your attention is more focused.  Actually, reading or “muttering” the Scriptures is a part of the act of Biblical meditation.
  2. Write It Out.
    When you get that “nibble” I’ve referred to, one thing to do is write those words in a notebook.  Just writing them has a way of unlocking the words and releasing a fresh aroma of truth for your life.
  3. Make A Personal Prayer.
    Again, this applies specifically to the words that “stuck out” or “resonated inside.”  Take those words and re-write them into your own prayer.   This is different that writing the passage in your own words.  Instead, this is making a personal prayer from what comes to your heart and mind when you ponder the words.

The Bible is a book of words, thoughts, stories, and instructions like no other.  The power and potential that is “locked” inside the words is meant to be “unlocked” and released by you and I.
As that happens, it will change everything. I believe that’s the reason the flesh and the devil works so hard to undermine our personal intake of God’s Word.

The Lord told [the very busy man] Joshua, “Meditate in my Word continually…then you will prosper and have success.”  Instead of letting that thought condemn you for your lack of that in the past, why not make plans for a more prosperous and powerful future by starting now?

Audio Version:

<To be continued…>

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