“Dull To Dynamic” – The Bible #4

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I’m getting more out of the Bible than I ever have before.  Why?  

Because I’m a pastor?  No. Definitely not.

I used to treat my Bible like a book of potential sermon texts.  I also read it to help bolster my confidence that God would see my effort and reward me, accordingly.  And, there’s the “a chapter a day will keep the devil away” ploy.

However, once I began to approach the Scriptures as a living conduit between the heart of my Father and my own soul, my thoughts changed.

Sometimes I read from a computer site like crosswalk.com.  Other times I use my Mac based computer program, Bible Glo.  Then again, I may use  my Smart Phone app, YouVersion.  

What about the real bible…as in the one where you open real paper pages?  First, the tech versions are real Bibles, but, yes I do read from my ‘land line’ Bible as well…but not as often.  Probably because – like my wife says – I have a love affair with technology and am therefore more used to consuming (whatever) from some kind of screen.

So, what is the “magic” thinking that changed my Bible reading experience?  Simply put…I normally start with the prayer, “Holy Spirit please read with me.”  I then have my “expecter” turned on.  In other words, my heart (not my head) assumes that God is going to “give me something” that day.  The most typical way is something we’ve already talked about. Ie:  My attention is drawn to something I haven’t noticed before.  Something causes me to go, “Hmmm…I wonder.”

I then spend a few minutes looking at word meanings, other verses that are similar.  I’ll also look around the thing that “caught my attention” in a broader context.  I’ll turn the “aha” over and over in my mind and heart.  Btw…Don’t ask me how turning it over in my heart is different than my head.  I don’t know.  I just….do.  Don’t get hung up on that.  Just start “rotating the meat on the spit” as it were.  Just do it.  It’ll become clear with use.

I’ve tried many times to start the daily process by sitting and soaking in some worship music and then (after I “feel” inspired) read, followed by some prayers.  But, you know what I’ve discovered?  With the attitude adjustment I’ve just explained and practiced, I’ve found that the Word of God has plenty of it’s own inspiration starter within it.  George Mueller said, “When I don’t know what to pray, I begin by reading the Bible and I suddenly have prayer inspiration.” 

In my case, I do it as a “3 in 1 process” rather than separating them.  I turn on some instrumental worship music.  If you don’t have any, you can discover plenty at Soaking.net.  I begin reading in a section I’ve planned. And, I pray things that occur to me. I also continue, at times, praying after the music and reading/pondering has stopped.

Frankly, it’s become a more and more “natural/organic” experience for me and it’s remaking me inside and out.

So, in this 4th post on “Dull to Dynamic-The Bible”, I’ve done a Selah Moment to zero in on the attitude of it all.  In fact I guess you could call this another one of the “points.”  The Adjusted Attitude.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.  I hope this is giving you some helpful input to your own discovery of the peace, power, praise, and mysterious life change found in reading the Bible.  Next time we’ll look at some more technique stuff.  Until then 🙂

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