Enjoying God’s Kingdom

Man-Enjoying-the-MomentThe Lord asked me a question this morning, “Do you think you can enjoy Me?”

Now, that’s an interesting question and concept isn’t it?  Can we enjoy … I mean really enjoy God…while still living here in the earth?

God’s Kingdom Is An Expression Of Himself

We often think of God’s Kingdom in the earth as rules we follow.  Right ways of thinking and acting that aligns with doctrinal expressions of His rule.

However, may I submit to you that God’s Kingdom is a living, breathing place of relationship and release?

One of the ways that Jesus described God’s Kingdom could be expressed in His words, “Abundant Life.”

A good friend of mine (who happens to be a member of my church) has suffered for a very long time with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) with it’s flares of pain and sapping of energy.  Her testimony is that she knew that God wanted her to have joy in life.  And she knew that she would experience it as soon as she received her promised healing.  Then, one day she decided that she had it backwards.  She chose to have joy BEFORE she received healing.

What do you suppose  happened?  She woke up one morning with an incredible measure of healing.  Over the space of several weeks she has not had any flares.  Her energy is greatly increased.

Let me quickly say that this happened very quickly after her new choice.  The quick timing is not the main issue.  Her choice was not a magic wand.  And, she still experiences some stiffness.  However, the harsh flares and low energy have not returned.

I tell this testimony, not as a doctrinal expectation or teaching.  I’m simply making the point that the qualities of God are our rightful first choice, and many natural things will begin to fall into place.

Important Unlearning

We are very well versed in the natural conditions of this world.  God made us as earthly physical beings…but let me let you in on a secret:

The physical (natural) condition mankind was originally created with is not the same as we experience today in a sin infected fallen world.

We know how things rationally work in our fallen world.  But…is it’s God’s purpose that we are completely subject to the natural conditions emotionally and physically?

Or do we have some unlearning to do?  Maybe a whole truck load (of the 18 wheel variety) to unlearn.

How God Desired And Designed It

It is of utmost importance that we unlearn but then relearn.  To enjoy God and His Kingdom on earth, we must begin the journey of relearning who He is, What He is, and What His desire and design is for us.

To Know God Is To Enjoy God.  To Know Know God’s Kingdom Is To Enjoy God’s Kingdom. 

Where Do I Start?

We start by giving proper importance to what He says.

I Quickly Add:

Jesus said (Matt. 4:4 NIV), “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Not came, but “that comes.”  The tense of the verb indicates that His Words are continuing to be spoken by Him.   So, we have two primary sources:

(1)  The Scriptures
(2)  Spiritual Gifts

Many Christians today know the importance of the Bible, but they’ve greatly undervalued the place and power of His voice that is speaking today.

As I have pursued the “whole package,” I’ve been discovering increasing levels of enjoying God and His Kingdom.

Your turn!