God’s Word Can Be Felt

campThe very heart of God is found through the pages of the Bible.  As I began to approach it as “an invitation to experience…” everything began changing for me.

I began discovering that there was not one right meaning to the verses and words.  I abandoned my denominational and doctrinal prejudices and biases.  I began being awed by multifaceted diamonds of truth and reality.

I began hearing His voice…

Speaking. To. Me.

I began to be fascinated with this new Book of fresh bread.  I began discovering the genius of word pictures that were painted with the original languages. 

A Picture Called Grace

Grace is one of the fundamental facts of New Covenant life.  But there is so much more to that five letter word than most modern Christians realize.

In the Hebrew mind, when the Hebrew word for grace was spoken, the listener would envision something they were very familiar with.  It was the place where shepherds would return after a long hard day of leading and protecting their herds of sheep.  The literal word meaning was, “beautiful encampment.”

Another English word that describes the same idea could be settlement or ranch.  A homestead also carries the same connotation.  To more fully understand the word, we have to tap into the emotion that those words illicit.

After a long, hard, dangerous day’s labor, the worker would head for home.  The closer he got to home, the more his or her emotions would take a peaceful deep breath.  If home was the experience for the weary worker it is intended to be, it held the promise of rest, love, provision, restoration, security.

It was GRACE.

You see, grace is better described than defined.  To properly understand the heart of our Heavenly Father, we have to “feel” the words He speaks to us.

G – ods
R – iches
A – t
C – hrist’s
E – xpense

Now if we combine those two thoughts, we have an even more thorough sense of the heart of Ephesians 2:8.

The Amplified Ellis Paraphrase:

“It is the wealth, love, might, security, peace, and provision of the Father’s dwelling place that rescues and restores us to His kind of abundant life.  We experience and enjoy the benefits of this heavenly environment as we humbly receive them for ourselves without the foolish wasted effort of trying to earn any of it.”

Let me repeat:

To properly understand the heart of our Heavenly Father, we have to “feel” the words He speaks to us.  Let me encourage you to approach the glories of His word as “an invitation to experience the feelings of His heartbeat.”

Feel His Word.  It will change everything!

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  • Donna rae

    Thank you, This helps a lot!!! Restoration and peace,,, such wonderful promises!!! I receive
    it all!!