Experiencing God’s Kingdom

taling-pic-of-castleExperiencing God’s Kingdom is your goal.  You’ve taken a good picture of what you believe it looks like.  However, there’s so much drab and rainy weather – not to mention the muddy roads between you and personally enjoying the King’s castle.

Stress Mud

Why can’t there just be a clear, dry, untwisting road between me and my destination?  With every step I take, it seems like I slip (and too often) fall down.  My hopes and commitments (once again) to keep myself clean from the mess around me is beginning to seem more impossible by the day.

There’s the King’s castle.  But how am I going to get there?  Will I ever be able to do anything more than take a picture?  Will I personally experience the atmosphere of it’s love, peace, and joy?

The Quiet Whisper Within

An almost imperceptible whisper penetrates through the chaotic din of noise that surrounds me.  It’s quiet and gentle but has an unearthly quality that pierces the darkness of doom like the first rays of the sun on an overcast day.

Here’s The Way

I am impressed and influenced by an intuition to look inside past the muddy road and allow myself to be guided by a heart beat that is not my own.  When I say those words out loud that sound confusing and illogical.  But, somehow my invisible self knows what they mean.

I’m being challenged to listen for a heart beat that is not my own like a mother listens for sound of her baby in the other room.  There’s another room inside of this body, and I have ears to perceive it.




It sounds like love.  It feels like peace.  It seems to be wrapped in a cloak of joy that gives strength to its pulsing.

What I’m hearing is the echo of Jesus’ heart!

As I pay attention, the rhythm gets clearer.  It awakens a fresh desire in the core of my being.  I want to pay attention to You.  You give me life.  You give me wisdom.  You fill my heart beat with Your own.

There’s a reason why the Scriptures counsel us to look unto Jesus, rather than doctrines, and opinions of every sort.  It’s Jesus where the life of God’s Kingdom is found.

Not a Method – Instead a Man

I’m always looking for a “right method” to navigate the muddy paths of life.  But, those methods are natural wisdom.  Natural wisdom has its own legitimacy.  But, God’s Kingdom is spiritual in origin.  The path is traversed spiritually.  The distractions are spiritual in nature and motivation.  Therefore, guidance and victory on the path can only be achieved by follow a Spiritual Man not a natural opinion, doctrine, or method.

Be cautious.  Some will think that following the Man of Scripture is knowing and relying upon words about the Man.  It is not.  Truth about the Man and about His heartbeat may help focus our thoughts.  But, hearing and experiencing – in a personal, intimate way – the “sound” of His Heartbeat is the only sure way to navigate the muddy path to the castle without getting your shoes and cloths dirty.

Practice listening.  Practice feeling.  Practice sensing.  The Man is closer than your breath.  Ask Him for ears to hear and then practice quietly listening.  The result is your salvation.