Failure Is Not The Enemy

failure-or-successWhen most of us think of failure, we think of the signs you see here.  Failure is going one direction and success is going the other.

However, I’d like to submit to you that failure and success both travel in the the same direction.  Understanding that contradictory truth will remove a lot of stress and self condemnation from our lives, and help the journey become…uh…more…successful 🙂

Nobody with a birth certificate looks forward to “finding ways that don’t work.”  It feels yukky!  Not to mention embarrassing. But, that’s one of the points, failure is typically nothing more or less than discovering areas that don’t work the way we’d like them to. 

Several years ago, I was encouraged by a friend to learn to water ski.  To make a long story short, I quit trying after the first few attempts failed.  If I’d continued to try, the overwhelming odds are that I would have succeeded.  I likely would not have become an expert in the sport;  But, also likely, I would have mastered the process enough to receive some enjoyment.  Who knows?  Yep, you’re right.  We’ll never know…because I didn’t keep going.  I quit on myself.  There are those rare birds that “pop up” on their first try.  However, that is really, really rare.  Most that succeed “fail” several times first.

So, it bears repeating.  Failure is not the enemy.  Failure is a key ingredient in success.  If you’re from this planet, you’ll never get to success without swallowing healthy doses of failure.  They both are traveling, by necessity, the same direction in our lives.

Failure helps us discover some very good things:

  1. Success at anything is, likely, not as easy as it looks.  So stop with the “you’re so stupid” comments to yourself.
  2. Failure can help strengthen our resolve to push forward.
  3. Failure is not the end.  Nope, its’ not…unless it helped you to realize something you didn’t really want to pursue, anyway.  So, devote the time of “pressing on” to the things that matter to you.
  4. Success is a winding path not a straight line.
  5. Success is not the end, either.  Once you succeed, what?  You’re going to stop growing?  Nope.  It’s time to find more failures that are helping you on your upward path known as “Your Life.”
  6. Failure helps success to taste sweeter.
  7. You add your own wit and wisdom to the definition here.

Do you want to succeed?  Then, you must let failure be a friend and use it to your advantage.

Please register your comments. Come on, please.  You don’t want me to feel like a blogging failure do you … hahaha 🙂   Hey, I’ve been hearing where many of you are from.  Please add your state, or country in the comments.  I truly appreciate it 🙂










  • geniesolver

    I happened onto one of your blogs by sheer chance- and then read a few others. Bless you! That was just the spiritual tonic I needed to tap my compass back into line. No doubt I’ll forget again and try to rely on my own understanding- but no doubt I’ll grow wiser over time…

    • Gary

      Thanks @geniesolver. Yep, you’ll forget again. We all do. We just need to remember one more time than we forget. That’s success!