Faith Is More Than…by Gary Ellis

There’s more to it than that. There’s something gloriously beyond anything we could ask or even think up in the richest imagination.

We’ve all heard and know – by personal experience – that “faith” is the channel by which we are able to have our needs met.  Needs as various as personal experiences demand at any given time.

Getting needs met – even miraculously – is a real dimension of what faith accomplishes.  To believe that we’re not stuck in the weakness of our own capacity to provide is fabulous.  More than fabulous.  However…

Camping around that definition falls far short of what I believe God actually had in mind that He desires we understand.

Although faith may seem similar to “thinking positively,” it’s far more majestic than that.

The difference between positive thinking and faith lies in its reference. While positive thinking might motivate you to strive to become and to possess, the faith of God reveals who you already are by design, and what you already have by redemption through Christ.

Faith is more like a mirror than it is a display window.  A display window shows potential.  A mirror reflects an image.

The God kind of faith is always reflecting in our hearts the image of Christ and our image in, through, and “as” Him.  Who Christ is in us, and who we are in Him.

Ponder that.  That’s a whale of a difference.  What would the experience of our faith be if the reference point was not what we need, but who He and We are because of our New Birth.  How different would your daily experience be?