Faith That Works – by Gary Ellis

Does your faith work?  I mean does it produce the results you desire?  If not, there may be a multitude of reasons why “your faith” doesn’t seem to be doing the job.  However, in this brief article, I want to examine and suggest just one:

The reason that faith doesn’t seemed to be everything the preacher or teacher cracked it up to be is because – albeit sincerely – many of us have made faith into a work.  Although James says that faith without works is dead (or useless), that doesn’t mean that faith, itself, is a work.  That would be a total contradiction of terms.

Many have turned faith into an exercise of mental gymnastics. Faith is not an academic exercise in applying “correct formulas.”  It’s not a mental work at all.

Let me suggest what I’ve discovered.  The faith that produces God’s results in my life acknowledges and receives from a heart attitude of trusting rest.

When I hear Jesus tell His disciples that He came that they would have abundant life, I acknowledge Him as that abundant life.  As I face circumstances of life, my heart has learned to respond, “I and abundant life are one…I choose to see this “thing” with that reality…so victory is mine.”

I don’t sweat and struggle to remember faith procedures and principles and try to figure out how to correctly apply them to the situation.  Instead, I look with confidence that Jesus has already answered this.  He is one with me, therefore, the solution is already mine from the abundance of life that’s already in me.  I respond to that life as I rest in Him and act as I sense Him act.

It has to be practiced….this “striving to enter rest”…because the flesh is always at war with it’s simplicity.  But, heart and mind renewal do take place.

Faith that works is faith that comes out of Him within the heart level of our being.