False Assumptions Hinder Us

False assumptions hinder us from walking the life Christ provided and we desire.  One of those assumptions is that God expects us to trust Him enough to never be afraid.  Unfortunately, it’s too often been taught – or at least assumed – that the lack of fear proves the strength of our faith. 

Not true.  Not true at all.  False assumption based on faulty understanding.

One can no more control emotional responses than one can stop their knee from a reflex jerk when the doctor taps it.  The same is true with emotions.  Emotions are most often – if not always – reflexive responses.  God knows that.

So, what is He telling us when He says to not be afraid?

He is counseling us to act on the integrity of His word and character in spite of reflexive fear to circumstances.  “Fear not” is a command of action, not a negation of emotional response.

We will find ourselves in many situations that will trigger the emotion of fear.  Act on His Truth, anyway.  Ultimately His truth will set us free.  After all, the last chapter has already been written and we’ve won.  We experience that victory, personally, when we walk out His Word…afraid or not.





  • Gary, could you provide your thoughts on “Preconceived Notions” vs “False Assumptions. Bye the way, I just stumbled on your website – I’m writing about the recovery and working in the solution. I look forward to reading more of your blog post. Best to you sir, Byronious

    • Byronious,
      At first glance, I think Preconceived notions and False assumptions are pretty much two peas in a pod. I suppose it depends alot on individual cases. The only difference I see is that a preconceived notion may be a notion (assumption) actually based on some truth, where a False assumption is always going to be that. False. Sorry, I don’t have any more thoughts on that at the moment. Good luck on your writing project.