False Barrier by Gary Ellis

“I don’t feel Him” <<<<That’s a false barrier.

In the pursuit of being awake to the presence of God on a moment by moment basis in our lives, there are a number of false barriers.
In other words, “mental limitations.”

I’d like to address one of the more common “false barriers” today.  The “I don’t feel Him” roadblock.

It is really cool to enjoy experiences with the Lord that touch our emotions.  And…the truth is…I strongly believe that the potential to do so is astronomically higher than may be expected by a lot of Christians.

But, here is a key that I’ve discovered…

It’s very important as we practice His presence to not “look at” how you are feeling at any given moment.  When a person does that, they are actually putting themselves in a position of being their own center of awareness.

How am I feeling?  What am I feeling? Am I sensing His presence? = Self Awareness

Since I’ve been on a more concentrated focus of continually being awake and aware of the Lord’s presence in my life, I’ve often had “flushes” of positive emotion.  The kind that’s deeper than the surface of things.  Those times are very encouraging, enjoyable <even if very brief>, and confidence building.

However, there are also times I “feel” flat, unaware, insensitive to much of anything but other things that might be going on in my body, or thoughts.  It’s at those times I make a choice to be awake and aware based on His reality Vs. what I’m feeling…or not feeling.

On one of those occasions I had purposely focused on “Him Awareness” and didn’t feel at all inspired.  The thought crossed my consciousness…

“…I’m here.  I’m always here. I’m not dependent on how you feel about things.  Even your doubts don’t drive me away.  They only insulate your awareness of me…”

So, in those moments of practicing awareness, I acknowledge I am just as awake to Him in the real me (spirit) as I am when the moments of chosen awakeness feel more radiant.  Shadows in my soul can’t extinguish the glories of His light….always with me.

Keep Practicing…Keep Practicing….Keep Practicing.


  • Www Kingsandpriests4life

    Two areas of topic also come to mind. One is the fact that when one goes on feelings of emotions they can be led astray from what actually GODS word instructs us to be and do. What did GOD say about this last generation? About being sensual! Also lookin for that so called feeling of the HOLY SPIRIT everytime a decision is to be made or what ever a position an individual is in. If one looks for that feeling everytime, or whenever, that actually is seeking after SIGNS! A type of one. And what does GODS word say about seeking after SIGNS and WONDERS? If you think about, how are us CHRISTIANS gonna feel when we are and are oppressed, attacked, murderd. It will seriously take a mature one to be able to maintain that feeling when one is faced with death! I do not deny the warmth the SPIRIT has, will and forever feels like. Ive experienced and hope everyday for it. But, as long as I’m in this fallen state of a flesh body, my time to feel that way eternally, well we know when that is.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your observations Kingsandpriests4life. As I was growing up, my church so de-emphasized “feelings/emotions” in our personal relationships with God that it became as much of a heresy (that sounded spiritual) as those who follow feelings instead of Godly Word founded wisdom. What I have discovered as a Christian for over 60 years and as a minister for over 40, is that more often than not, we receive what we expect to receive. Jesus, as He walked the earth was, “anointed with joy above his brethren.” The Word also says that He is one spirit with our spirit. So, if we expect our physical condition will always trump me and Jesus in spirit, then that’s the experience we’ll live most of the time…and call it faith. On the other hand, if we raise our expectations to the level of the Word of God rather than lower the Word to our expectations then we will discover more regular joy of the Lord that is our strength.

      • Anonymous

        Just want to say Yes and yahoo 🙂 at the thoughts you expressed here. I’m reaching with all my  heart for the “anointed with joy above my brethren”. In 2008,  Holy Spirit gave me a place to hold to for the years just past and the  just ahead with Isaiah 30:29..and we shall attain it in the fullness Jesus demonstrated for us. …just saying…

  • Gle1244

    Thanks doveco.  I appreciate your comments.  Btw…I’m looking forward to meeting you!