Feeling Anointed As A Stick

Moses RodIf you are a normal son or daughter of God, you sometimes feel as “anointed as a stick.”  I’ve said that a few times when I’ve been sharing about our spiritual abilities and how it doesn’t have anything to do with how we feel emotionally at the moment.

I was writing a note of encouragement to a friend today and was expressing an experience where the Lord was talking with me and I said, “At the time the conversation started, I felt as anointed as a stick.”

Immediately the impression of Moses’ rod came to my thoughts.

Moses rod/stick – given to and empowered by God – became miraculously anointed.

I had never made that connection before, but God was making it for me as He spoke in my heart/spirit.

Under challenge Moses trusted the Almighty One.  It’s clear that Moses was given to strong emotions, so I’m sure he was feeling the stress.  But…He chose to put confidence in His God and throw down his rod.

To me, that can be taken as a metaphor for worship unto the Lord.  Casting down self confidence as an action of faith in God.  When He did so, God took it from there.

We see many examples of Moses rod and how God anointed it for the task at hand.  So, the next time you feel “as anointed as a stick” remember Moses and his rod.  On the outside it was just a stick.  In God’s hand that stick was the rod of God.