Feeling Like Dirt Is Normal – by Gary Ellis

Do you feel like dirt? Guess what? It’s normal – at least occasionally – and here’s why:

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Feeling like dirt is common to man…at least now and again.  And I don’t mean “a little dusty.”  I mean DIRT.

Some people call it, feelin’ “funky.”  Others feel “blue” or “out of it.”

You may be asking, “Aaaww…Gary, you havin’ a bad day?”

Actually, no. Not especially.  In fact it’s been a good day.  But…I’ve been there.  I mean…been there and bought the lousy T-shirt.  So, I can easily identify with how it feels…to feel like dirt.  So, I got to thinking…”Maybe since the feeling is so common, I can put something out there that’ll help.”

I don’t want to over simplify the subject.  There are lots of reasons for the doldrums that are above my pay grade to explain…or even understand.  So, I’m going to K.I.S.S. the subject for the moment.

So…when you feel like dirt, what do you do to stop feeling like dirt?

Say to yourself…<cuz you’re talking to yourself anyway>

  • “I am dirt.”  That’s what I’m made of.  Genesis says that mankind’s body is basically a “dirt house.”
  • 2 Corinthians 4:7 says, But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the exceeding greatness of the power may be of God, and not from ourselves;”

I guess the point is…one of the first things to do is accept the fact that we don’t have a big Super Saint “S” on our chests.  We are all far more fragile emotionally than we often want to believe…and admit if we’re trying to keep up appearances.  And God knows that! <and I repeat> And God knows that!

One thing that exacerbates <my big word for the day> the dirt like feelings for many Christians is guilt. They feel guilty that they don’t feel victorious all the time.  After all, if we really had a handle on the Christian life and God’s promises…we shouldn’t feel like losers now and again.  Right?  WRONG!

  • Look at King David’s writings in the Psalms.  He almost seems bi-polar at times. <although I’m not saying he was.>
  • The Apostle Paul is another example.  He wrote most of the New Testament.  He said he was often perplexed.
  • What about the words of the prophet Isaiah?  He gives the counsel, “They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength…”  That comes right after saying that valiant men stumble badly and young men loose their strength.

Feeling like dirt at times – and even seasons – is another proof that we are weak…the glory is in the treasure within…not the clay without.

When I feel like dirt, it helps to focus on the reality of His greatness within me instead of my own cracked clay.

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