For Moms That Feel Like Failures

babyI know far more moms that feel like failures than feel successful…especially in their spiritual lives.

Today, I want to link you to a post by Emily T. Wierenga to hopefully be encouraged by her vulnerability.  .

Here’s how it starts out:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for today.

(Kasher, get your hand out of the toilet!)

Thank you for loving me in spite of me.

(Is that a fly in my coffee? No, Aiden, you’ve already watched a show–now it’s time to play nicely with your brother while Mommy talks to God.)

Thank you for sending your Son to die for me.

(Kasher, why does your hand smell like poop? Oh dear, is that poop on the floor? Hold on Lord, I’ll be right back…)

God, you still there? Me again.   (Read the rest here)

Be encouraged, Mom!


  • sharriedove

    Thanks, Gary. Even us older mothers can relate and thank God for those days and HIS faithfulness and understanding.