God Is Not A Cheapskate

sun-earthGod’s creation demonstrates that He is not a miser, skinflint, or cheapskate.  His accessible resources are more than enough.  The Scriptures emphasize the fact that it’s ours for the receiving.

God told Paul one time, “My grace is sufficient for you.”  (2 Cor. 12:9)

Many times we think of the word “sufficient” differently than God means it.

We think He is saying, “The grace that I give you is enough to meet your necessities.  It’s sufficient.  God means something wholly different.  He means “more than enough.”

Think about this:

Enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface each minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands—for an entire year.

The word that God used with Paul also had the meaning, “to draw up.”  In other words, His grace was more than enough to draw Paul up into a highly place (His Presence.)  Instead of God removing the tormenting circumstances from Paul, God’s grace was more than enough to pull Paul up to a higher place.

If you have been asking God to take away your negative circumstances so that your life would improve, maybe His answer would be the same as it was with Paul.  He would say, “Your circumstances don’t have to change to make your life better.  Look to My grace.  It’s more than enough to lift you up out of the effects the circumstances are having on you into a place of peace in my Presence.

The sun demonstrates the depth of God’s resources.  You have no cause to worry.  Embrace His grace.  It’s more than enough than you and I will ever need.

One last thought:  His provision is best experienced by receiving it in and for the present moment.  Discouragement comes by trying to reason out what He will do in the future.  You don’t live “there.”  You live “here.”  Here is where you embrace His more than enough grace.

Where has He proved “more than enough for you?”  Share in the comments.  It will encourage others in this Blog Family.