God Is Speaking To You

When the Bible was finished, God didn’t stop talking!

Growing up, I often heard – and also asked the question – “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?”  What was normally meant by the question was this:

“Have you asked Jesus to forgive you for your sins so that when you die will will have the right to go to heaven?”

Of course, there were shades of different meanings to the question, but it boiled down to a “forgiveness of sins” issue.  I don’t make light of that at all, but I discovered – to my great joy – a personal relationship with Jesus meant just that.  A one-on-one daily interaction (RELATIONSHIP) with Jesus – not unlike a person has with another person.

In the process of the growth of our relationship, I’ve discovered that God speaks in an infinite variety of ways.  The “language” I am learning to understand more and more clearly is His counsel through dreams.  To be honest, I really struggled with this at first.  Not so much that it’s a valid and current way He talks to me; But instead, understanding what He is saying.

Having the dreams is the easy part.  Everyone dreams every night whether you remember them or not.  Simply realizing that increased my recall quite a bit.  Today, I probably remember and interpret my dreaming in blocks of two or three nights.  Then, I will not recall anything for a few days…then another two or three nights in a row I do.

The thing is…as I am getting more proficient at understanding how dreams work – along with the assistance of the Holy Spirit – they are becoming a great, great blessing.  He is counseling me in the night seasons in a way that impacts me more deeply than just an academic approach (only using my thinking process to learn information ABOUT Him).

If you are at least a bit curious about how God may be counseling you in your dreams, here is a link to a site by a man that has been more helpful to me than any other.  There’s a lot of good information there for free.  Although my purpose isn’t to “advertise” Mark Virkler’s purchased material, you may want to consider it.  Go here now for free dreams information.


  • Pullapaul

    Yes Gary. God is not finished with Bible He is work beyond letters . Every thing under the sun is directed by God not by evil. Evil has deligated with His Power .