God’s Amazing Humility by Gary Ellis

I was heading down the road for a breakfast appointment and thinking how good it felt to feel good, once again, after six weeks of feeling more like crapola.

Many people struggle through seasons of sickness and pains of various sorts.  Some much longer and more painful than what I’d just experienced.  However, the serious struggle of a severe gout attack was no walk in the park.  As a matter of fact, I was often not able to walk at all.

Now, six weeks after powerful prayers, medicines, doctor visits, cycles of improvement and then backwards again, and a trip to the emergency room just two days ago..suddenly…

It felt like it was all leaving as fast as it started.  Why?  Whom or what gets the credit?

God gets the credit!  Regardless of multiple channels of relief and mending, God is the author and fountain of it all.

Then the thought came into my mind as sure and “loud” as if it had been spoken out loud.  I heard, “I will always do good for those I love regardless of whom or what gets the credit.

“Regardless of whom or what gets the credit.”

There are many spokes on a bicycle wheel.  Which one (or ones) causes the wheel to perform as designed?  None of them.

If it weren’t for the hub, the spokes would be useless.  The spokes are supporting extensions of the hub.

Whether the subject is healing, or anything else in life…God is the source of good outcomes.  Always give Him credit.  But, even if you don’t…well…He’s behind it anways!

The flesh of mankind craves credit.  In fact, it withholds or picks up an offense if something or someone else gets credit for what we did or do.  It’s the ugly side of fleshiness.  However, not so with our Heavenly Father.  And, yuh wanna know what else?  Not so with our redeemed spirit man.  The true you craves to be like Daddy.

Godly humility breeds Godly honor which breeds miracles beyond what one can even ask or think.






  • Futurehopevm

    PG, I was really glad to read this article because I was one of the pray-ers for you when I heard about you being in the hospital.  I had been thinking mostly, not about how you were handling the pain per se, but about what way you would perceive your circumstances and come back and tell us about it.  So many times when I’ve been sick or injured, I have considered the idea that those were not “sicknesses unto death” but then I realized that at some point, we will be going Home, so all of our bad attitudes during those situations warrant nothing.  I love the way you use the things of life to remind us of life’s little lessons. In fact, if I were to entitle your blogs, I would call them that “Life’s Little Lessons.”  Just a thought from a former prodigal daughter.

    • Gary

      Thanks for the prayers.  And, yeh….that sounds like a good title for a blog.  Hmmm.