God’s In Hot Pursuit

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Did you know that God is in hot pursuit of you?  He’s taking extreme and extraordinary measures to win you whole heart?

He’s on “your 6,” man!  He’s passionately pursuing you!  For such a long time I had it wrong…

I Thought I Was Pursuing Him

That’s what I’d assumed from everything I was taught.  That’s what I’d imagined from so many of the sermons I’d heard.  And…to be honest…In a special burst of commitment and (guilt) I’d head down the track “chasing” Him until…something else grabbed my attention.

Then I Discovered He Is In Pursuit of Me

Yep,  God (Through Jesus) has always been pursuing me…and He’s got the blood and scars to prove it.

And Now – Another Wonderful Definition of Grace

Here’s the thing…me pursuing Him ultimately gives me some credit for the victory.  Him pursuing me puts all the credit where it belongsa work of grace.

I know about the scriptures that say, “Seek Him while He may be found,” etc.  But, let me give you another way to look at that.  An approach that I believe is a better interpretation.

While He May Be Found

I don’t believe such a passionate Lover is playing an insipid game of “Hide and Seek,” when He knows our flesh wears out sooo fast, and we are sooo distracted.  I believe the good news is that He is always in hot pursuit.  Try looking at it this way, “If you seek Him while you are sensing the pursuit, respond.”  As well as, “When you hear the sound of His voice calling, respond.”  Here’s the reason.  Your natural, earthbound self is actually never in the habit of looking – let alone pursuing – the Lord.  It’s not in us to do so, by the natural man.

So, when there is a flicker on the meter of your heart that the Lord is near (someplace He always is…but you just happen to notice) WELCOME HIM.  Take advantage of the opportunity.  If you do so, allowing your heart to express praise and thanksgiving, the “flicker” will begin showing up more often, and stronger.

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  • Kim Farb

    I’ve decided today to let Him find me!