God’s Love Meter Is Stuck On “Too Much”

If you look at all the stories of God’s goodness, love, restoration, giving, grace…you name it…you will come to the same conclusion as the headline, “God’s Love Meter Is Stuck On “Too Much”!

At least it would seem that way.  It’s ridiculous…outrageous…outlandish…out(something).  Not that I’m complaining.  Far be it from me to complain about something so awe inspiring.  But…some folks do.  Well…not out loud so’s you can hear them. Look at the story of the prodigal son as one example.

The rebellious son in the story didn’t want to wait for the “old man” to die to get his inheritance.  He wanted it, and he wanted it now.  He then squandered it on a raucous life style.  Not being too stupid, he “came to his senses” when he was out of money and in a pig pen stealing their fare just to fill the hole in his stomach.  (Can I hear a big yuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!!!??)

So, brilliant as he was, he decided that he needed to make his way back home.  Maybe his father would let him work as a servant.  To make a long story short….it was no deal.  The father refused to hire his wayward son (who lost a bunch of cold hard cash mind you).  Instead, he restored him completely to the family and threw him a huge, undeserved, un asked for, extravagant party!

Ya gotta be kidding.  A father’s love is one thing.  But this “love meter” is stuck on too much!

And when the older son (the good son, the respectful son, the honest son, the thrifty son) complained, Ol’ dad responded, “You’ve been with me the whole time.  You could have asked for anything you wanted!”

Or, do you remember the parable (the stories that teach us about Jesus and the Father’s character) about the boss that hired people throughout the day.  At the end of the day he paid the ones that had worked for one hour the same as those who’d worked for 8 hours.   <Generosity…stuck…on…too…much!>

Here’s the reality.  It’s much too much to fully comprehend.  But, His love meter is stuck on “too much” with you, too.  Which are you?  The end of the day worker or the all day worker?  Are you the renegade son, or the good son?

According to John 17:23 (and Jesus is the one making the request of His Abba Father), “Show them that you love them JUST LIKE you love me.”

How much does he love you?  TOO MUCH!!!

If and when you begin believing that, how will it affect your relationship with Him and with those around you?

I’d love to hear your comments!