God’s One Step

Although I’m a strong believer in the reality of “the process,” God has more “tricks in His bag…or up His sleeve” than expecting us to work everything out the slow way. They are the “suddenlies” of God. The “in the blink of an eyes” moments. Sometimes they come gently but profoundly. At other times the “suddenly spontaneous outpourings” have a shaking awesomeness to them.

I believe there may be at least two reasons for this (maybe 3…or ever more…after all He’s God):

  1. The “process” can become a very slippery slide where we get undue credit for the outcome.  After all…look how “we” worked it out.  Instead of it being a grace process, it becomes a means of pride.
  2. There are issues in our lives that will not or can not be touched any other way than sovereign acts of grace.
  3. He desires to expand our horizons of possibilities with Him…see things that stretch us and grant us permission to believe and expect within the “ordinary of our lives.

I mean…He’s God, man!  He’s GOD.  Not just a really refined, really powerful, really exceptional HUMAN.

We had one such moment of an encounter of the gentle but profound kind this past Sunday at my church, The Sanctuary.

As an unplanned part of the worship flow, the worship team spontaneously “switched it up” into a Blues mode.  The instantaneous sense that washed over the congregation was one of freedom, joy, and release from depression.  People testified to the fact.  It was one of those God Winks that wasn’t planned, but an breakthrough expression of His smile as we worshipped Him.

Here’s just a quick sample taste of what we experienced:

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