God’s Open Doors For….

open doorsWe all have faced or are facing closed doors.  These doors are often the one’s we need most to be open.  They are doors to health, to jobs, to friendships, and more.

How do you get these doors of necessity opened?  That’s what I’m going to discuss today.

Let me start with a dream I had just a few days ago:

(Dreams can give us clues.  That’s one reason I’ve been learning to pay attention to mine, even when the ones I remember seem depressing.)

My Dream:

I was attempting to enter a closed door to my bedroom.  When I first turned the knob and began to enter, the door was blocked within a couple of inches like something or someone was on the other side preventing my entrance.

I tried to enter my bedroom (a place of rest in dream symbol), several times.  Each time my attempts would partially open the door but be resisted with a few inches.

Finally, I turned the knob and with all my might I pushed the door open.  This time it opened two thirds of the way, but the force on the other side immediately slammed the door back shut.

I woke up very frustrated.

What Was My Dream Saying?

I initially passed it off as a demonic resistance of some sort.  Frankly, I was just frustrated because I thought that I had been doing all the right things to progress in areas of resistance.  As my wife and I were in our car the next day, I expressed my feelings about the frustrating dream I had had the night before.  I had barely begun to explain the dream to her when I suddenly knew what was being communicated.

“There are closed doors you’ve been struggling with that you can’t open with natural abilities.  You need to be asking me to open the doors.”  Immediately with that thought the scripture came to me, “I open doors no man can close and close doors no man can open.”  (Rev. 3)

Truth be told, I thought I already had been committing the hard places to God and trusting Him with the outcome.  And, in a way, I had been…sort of.

I had been “trusting God” (in a general Christian way) but hadn’t been specific about seeking Him as the Door Opener.

I don’t believe that God plays technical games with us.  But, I believe there are specifics in spiritual life that move us along a more successful path as we learn them.

Faith is a function of specifics.  Without specifics faith doesn’t have a path to walk on and “gets caught in the weeds.”

Don’t stop reading here.  Now is when this becomes very helpful:

1. Trust is about overall non-specific confidence in God.  Faith is about specific “targets.”

2. Trust is about the foundation of sureness in God we walk upon.  Faith takes specific steps on that foundation.

The Process That Works Wonders

It’s actually a combination of work and ease.  It boils down to two (actually four) steps:

1.  Fueling your confidence by searching the scriptures to see God’s logos (logic) concerning your specific need.  In this case we are talking about doors.  Therefore, I googled the words, “doors in scripture.”  I knew there were some but it surprised me how many.

2.  Taking faith steps was not a matter of “confessing” the scriptures 10 times a minute in hopes it would do something.  Although…repeating the words will help fix them in your mind.  God is already aware of them, but we need help remembering and fixing them in our conscious minds.

3.  Forming mental pictures in my imagination of what the scriptures promise is available to me.  One of the most powerful gifts God gave us was the “power” of the imagination.  Ie:  Imaging what we conceptually believe.  That’s where the logic of truth becomes the heart of truth.

4.  I say out-loud to myself the picture I see.  In this case, an open door.  Your inner “door image” will look different than mine.  But it will keep my inner view of truth on the path instead of letting my natural mind pull me off into the weeds.

I hope it goes without saying that it’s understood that this all is saturated with confidence that it’s the power of God that’s doing the opening and that purposeful thanksgiving is the anchor that keeps your soul stable.

Jesus is the earth manifestation of God that’s our specific example to follow.  Fix your eyes on Him helps us focus our hearts.  As you consider what I’ve written here, and as you begin taking fresh steps of trust and faith, I’ve included an audio of “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” below to play:

Quick tip:  Divorce yourself right now from the whining words, “But, it’s so hard!”  They are keeping you from your desired outcome.

The Biggest, Most Important Thing You Need To Open Closed Doors Is Learning to FIX
YOUR EYES upon Jesus as the specific source.  As you look at the open door in the imagination of your heart, you are trusting Him as your “Open Door.” Every time your mind wander into the weeds of worry, intentionally turn them back with confidence and faith to the open door.  The outcome is sure!  In fact, in this kind of faith process, you’ll discover fresh practical ideas and steps coming to your mind to act upon in faith.

Stop gazing in fear and frustration at your lack and start fixing your eyes on the Door Opener!