Good or Bad? by Gary Ellis

Do you judge yourself as good or bad in the eyes of God based on the good or bad things you are doing at any given time?  Let me ask the question another way.  If you make a bad choice, does God see you as a bad person?  One more.  If a person does good things, does that make them good before God?

I would never encourage anyone to make bad choices.  But making bad choices in life doesn’t make that person “bad” in the eyes of God.  You see, I know Atheists who do lots of good things.

Here’s the point.  Too many of us go around measuring ourselves by our works…good or bad.  We feel good about ourselves when we are doing good.  Our emotions are riding high.  We feel confident before the Lord.  On the other hand, when we make a bad choice, we loose our confidence in our relationship with the Lord.

This way of judging goes all the way back to the devil’s temptation with Adam and Eve.  As soon as they “bit the apple” they began to judge everything on a personal good vs. evil standard.

The only safe and sane measure is the “Jesus Standard” and faith in what He accomplished on the Cross for you.

To walk in a sense of peace, joy, and rest – in other words – to walk out the abundant life Jesus declared is entirely based on His grace.  We must eat, drink, sleep, and breath grace for ourselves and others.  We must stop judging ourselves and others on the “good vs. evil” standard.  We always come up short when we do.  Under that standard, we never quite measure up.  We get depressed.  We get self focused, and we begin withering on the vine.

Judge yourself by the “Jesus Standard” and experience His life in you, through you, and as you.