Grace You Can Ponder

set table“You are Invited to the table!”

Most of the definitions of the unspeakable gift of grace that we hear is insufficient.  It is truly unspeakable.  Grace is better described than defined.  The Greek mindset (Westernized Cultures) like to define everything.  The original Hebrew cultures and language was far more of a description than a definition.  Descriptions are solid pictures and therefore easier to ponder or meditate.

One very accurate flavor of a description of the Biblical reality of GRACE would be this:
“Your Are Invited To The Table.”  Ponder and pray on that and see how it affects your understanding of what you’ve been given in Christ.  Let it soak into the center of your being until it releases “joy bubbles” that drift right on up into your face 🙂

I encourage you to pass this on by sharing on your social media friendships.

I also would like to invite you to the table to comment on what this understanding does for your daily faith.



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  • Rubye Dacon

    Gary, I love this description of grace. It means to me that my host, Jesus, serves me the same meal of which He is partaking. The meal is eternal life and co-heirship with Him. As His invited guest I will not be turned away and I will partake of a meal that satisfies my soul.

  • gle1244

    Rubye, thanks. I appreciate your further explanation. Question, I am subscribed to a blog by Sherri Dacon. Are you related?