Handling the Feelings of Failure

WindowA person only feels like a failure because he/she has real life circumstances to back up and fuel those feelings.

But, that is a miserable place to live.  Since feelings of failure are common to all of us, we all need to know how to better deal with them.

I know what you’re feeling.  As I’ve so often said in my blog posts, “Been there.  Done that.  Bought a truck load of T-shirts.”  And guess what?  I sometimes catch myself re-visiting the ugly places.

However I’ve Discovered An Antidote

It’s sorta like the principle of Judo.  Use your opponents own strength against them.

Matthew 5:25 says, “Agree quickly with your adversary…”

Agree.  “Yes, I am.  When I depend on myself, I fail.”

Like Si from Duck Dynasty is famous for saying, “Hey.” 

Hey…it’s true.  But, Hey…Jesus isn’t a failure.  And Hey…He finishes what He starts.  He’s faithful even when…Hey…I’m faithless.  (2 Timothy 2:13)

If our success in life is based on our own perfection, then I would never succeed.

Having Said That, Let Me Also Say…

  1. Failing at stuff (even a lot of stuff) doesn’t make your identity, “The Failure.”
    The devil baits you into believing that your mess ups change your identity.  Nobody enjoys making mistakes.  Especially big ones.  And, the appropriate remedies may be hard to do, and even take some time.  However, you do have the power – through Christ and His grace and wisdom – to tackle the “clean up.”  Why?  Because you’re not a failure.  You’re a treasured son or daughter of God.  And He will NEVER leave you or forsake you.
  2. Failing at stuff may simply mean that you’ve found yet another way that’s doesn’t work well.The only “failures” are not those who fall, but those who stop getting up.  Even then…”Failure” is not your identity in God’s eyes.  You’re only His son or daughter who could have enjoyed more success, but chose the inactive path.  You see, that doesn’t make you a failure.  It make’s you an inactive success.
  3. Lastly, the first cousin to feeling like a failure (note: “feeling like”) is the “I’m worthless” card.  We are only worthy through Christ, so – in that sense – none of us are worthy.  However…

Not Worthy Doesn’t Equal Worthless.

My wife recently had a dream of me holding a handful of very large scorpions.  I was pulling out their stingers.  May this post “de-stinger” yet another scorpion that’s been tormenting you.


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