Hate The Sin, But Love The Sinner?

Arrogance“I Hate The Sin, But Love The Sinner.”  Really?  Seriously?  You self deluded, arrogant, self righteous, religious twit!

As a sound byte, the statement sounds really good.  Even spiritual.  Problem is…we’re not God.  We don’t have His capacity to make that kind of psychological separation.

How about we love the sinner and leave the hating the sin to the only One who can pull it off.  God. 

Well, I’ve said my piece.  Got that off my chest.  Apply it where you will. 

When all is said and done, people are longing to be loved.  Albeit, too many times in all the wrong places.  But, the motivation is to find love.

So, let’s let them find the love in Jesus, through us.  Let’s look at His life, in the Scriptures, and see what He made a big deal of…and to whom.  Where Jesus puts emphasis  of His words and deeds, stress those same places for yourself as you interact with those around you.  Otherwise, take it off your table.

Repent of the high-minded arrogance that has you deluded into thinking that you can separate the sin from the person involved.  Love people.  Leave what only God can do to God, Himself.  We’ll get much further down the road in reaching those whom God wants reached with His Good News.








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  • Blessed

    I am sorry, but I have to disagree here. I am passionate about helping children that are trapped in the child sex trade (human trafficking). I absolutely hate what is being done to them. Yet, I find many people ignorant or indifferent to what happens to them. I believe it is the hate I feel towards that darkness, sin, and depravity that spurs on that passion within me to do something about it. We are also told repeatedly in the Bible to hate that which is evil. I do have to confess, that when I meet some of the perpetrators face to face, it is hard to not hate them, but with the grace of God I have been able to find it in my heart to love them and reach out to them with nothing but compassion. There are times that it is easier and times that it is harder, but I believe that with God all things are possible. He has changed my heart and continues to do a work in my heart. In other words it has nothing to do with ‘high-minded arrogance’, but has everything to do with the grace and compassion of God. You can call me all the names that you want to call me, but in the end, I know what God has done in my heart.

    • gle1244

      @Blessed. I understand what you are saying. I’m not sure you understood me. You’ve named the child sex trade. I hate it myself!! I can’t emphasize that strongly enough. But, the main thrust of this article is not about human trafficking. It’s about the general “high minded arrogance” of so many Christians who spout the phrase “I hate the sin but love the sinner.” I am suggesting that it’s impossible, except through God, to separate the two. And, to think it’s possible without His work is self deception.

      • Blessed

        Hi Gary, I have heard this phrase before and never really cared for it as it seemed rather cliché. But I don’t think I’ve ever realized the context of how it was used before. So, thank you for your clarification! 🙂

  • Yahweh’s Servant

    Honestly, it’s easy to discern between the two. The sin is an action done contrary to God’s Word; the sinner is the one performing the action. To say otherwise is to say that humanity in and of itself is sin, which is wrong.

  • Jim

    How about hate our own sin and love others .. regardless.