Healing: Don’t Lie – by Gary Ellis

If you have pain in your body, it’s a lie to say you don’t.  What’s more, as important as it is to declare the truths of the Word of God, it’s incorrect to think your positive confession is what heals you.

Some folks sincerely think that any admission of sickness is a denial of faith in God’s healing power.  As much as we need to not let our mouths be mired in talk that keeps our focus on the sickness, we also need to realize this fact:

Words have power.  The Word of God is the ultimate reality…when believed and spoken accurately.

Here’s what Romans 4:17 says, “Calling those things that are not as though they were.”  If you have a pain in your body, and in fear of a “bad confession” you say you don’t, you’re basing your “faith” on the verse being worded the reverse of what it actually says.  Your denial would be scriptural truth if Romans 4:17 says, “Calling those things that are as though they are not.” But, it doesn’t.

If you trusting God for a manifestation of His healing in your body, but are still feeling pain, a faith based truth would be, “I’m not going to lie.  I feel pain.  But, I’m counting on a higher reality.  I believe in the healing power of Jesus.  And, I believe it’s mine.  The full manifestations coming.

You see, it’s all a matter of where you put your but.

Avoid thinking and talking about the sickness.  Purposely feed and focus your mind on the higher truths of the Word of God.  But when directly asked, don’t lie.  If you’re obviously still hurting and you say you’re not,  your words are a lie.  Besides that, it gives true faith a bad name. A lie – in the hopes that it’s faith that will influence God – will not see healing manifest in your body any faster. 

Gravity is a real physical law.  The laws of aerodynamics don’t deny gravity.  They supersede them.  It’s the same with many spiritual realities.

I repeat that it’s very important to feed your faith and your feelings on the higher laws of God’s Word.  It’s also important to purposely avoid sickness talk.  But, don’t lie.   Speak the things that are not, as though they were.  

“Lord, I still feel the pain, but you are always faithful to your Word.  Therefore, that is where I put my faith…on your high truth.  And one more word.  Be like Elijah when he was praying for the rain.  As soon as the report came back that there was a cloud the size of a man’s hand, he said to his servant, “We better take cover, the rain is on it’s way.”

Be thankful for the little improvements.  Fix your attention and praise on the progress.  Starve the desire for sympathy from those around you.  Maximize truth.  Praise God for the little things as if the whole enchilada was already in manifestation.