Healing Flow

The Holy Spirit has been guiding my intention, of late, to a very important Kingdom Principle. To receive anything (healing, finances, etc.) our attention needs to be resting in faith. It’s very difficult to do that by praying, “I have a healing (or financial) need Lord. Please touch my need.”

The reason that is difficult is because it’s a need based prayer. Of course we come to Him with our needs; but we receive from Jesus by focusing our attention on Him as the source of healing flow or financial flow instead of focusing on the need and asking Him to do something about it.

What I do is this:

  1. I come to the Father with the specifics of my need…
  2. I thank Him for Jesus as my provider…
  3. I then focus my attention on Jesus as my flow of provision from His glorious riches of grace…

Philippians 4:19 says, “My God shall supply all your need according to (or on the basis of) His glorious riches of Grace BY CHRIST JESUS”

Although the context is one of economic circumstances, the principle of “all need” is valid.  The phrase, “by Christ Jesus” is also pointing to more than His redemptive act on the Cross.  It’s dynamic and present tense.  Jesus is the fountain head of flow for all your need.  If you have a healing need today, (or financial, of course) I’ve included a video here for you to practice what you just read.