Healing Question Often Asked – by Gary Ellis

“If what you say is true – that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed (and therefore am), then why am I still sick?”

That’s a great question!  I believe the Lord showed me a brilliant answer.  The answer is brilliant because it’s God’s wisdom.  My answer would have been my best guess.  And the thing is….we’ve often counseled as “truth” too many of our best guesses….and guess what?  The questions remain.

I was thinking about that question yesterday, and suddenly this “visual” appeared on the screen of my mind:

“A landscaper lived next door to a person without anything special in the design of their yard.  Because the landscaper really liked the next door neighbor, he took it upon himself to “do his thing” and plant a beautiful garden in his neighbor’s yard.  He then told his neighbor, “I’ve just given you the gift of a beautiful garden.  Everything is there.  The seeds are there.  The proper fertilizer is there for the flowers I’ve planed for you.  You now have a beautiful garden.  One of the best I’ve ever designed. 

As the time passed, nothing seemed to be happening.  Eventually the neighbor asked the landscaper friend, “I thought you said I have a beautiful garden?  One of the best you’ve ever designed.  I have nothing but a patch of bare ground.  To that the landscaper replied, “Are you watering it?”

We often do the same thing with God.  He’s designed, planted, paid for and given us the grace of health and healing.  But we assume that if it’s ours now – if God has given it to us….if we have it…then there’s nothing more for us to do.  Why do we have to water the seed?

The answer – from God’s creation – is self apparent.  We have the seed that contains the complete beautiful garden.  It’s ours.  It’s already ours.  However, we have to activate the seed by watering it.  I might add…we also need to pull the weeds (of doubt and fear) when they appear.