Healing Tip – Love Your Body

I am spirit.  God gave me – as spirit man – a body (an earth house) to move in this earth and, frankly, to enjoy it.  In reality this truth is becoming increasingly real to me as I have daily fellowship with the Lord.

One day I was looking in my mirror getting ready to shave.  The thought occurred to me, “If you will love your body, your body will do what God made it to do and walk in health.  Where it is sick, it will draw upon the resources of it’s Creator and heal.”  (Let me add right here that this is not an article about being health conscious.)

This is a description of what I have discovered from a spiritual perspective on health and healing.  The more we cooperate with the way God does things, the more successful we will be in walking out the abundant life that Jesus purchased for us on His cross.

To be totally candid, I only embraced the truth of “loving my body” for a couple of days.  But, again this morning as I was looking in the mirror, it came back to me.  I “heard” the words – I knew my spirit was speaking – that it was important for me to love my body.  It was impressed upon me that I often treated it like it was my enemy.

Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

In fact, at times, as part of personal healing prayer, I was “commanding my body” to receive and respond to God’s healing grace.  But, this morning – in that moment – I realized my body wasn’t resisting me.  My body was made by God as a perfect companion for me (spirit man) to navigate this earth and enjoy it.

God Created My Body To Be My Friend & Loving Companion

In that moment I “knew” that God had created my body to cooperate with me and it wants to.   I also knew that I – as spirit – needed to think on the house God gave me with appreciation and honor.  I perceived that I needed – as spirit – to receive from the Lord everything necessary to nurture my body…to help it heal…utilizing whatever methods of receiving God’s grace that His wisdom showed me through my spirit.

I knew that would include a wide variety of things.  Some would be quick acting.  Others would take time to bring about the needed changes.

Now…the thing is…I know that as we age in this earth there are physical things that begin wearing out.  But, I also know there are many things we do not really know about the potentials – even physical – God has for us in His grace.

I hope you’ve understood at least a bit of what I have tried to convey here.  Health and healing include many, many things.  Some spiritual in understanding.  Others natural.  All in all my charge to us is….Love The Earth House God Gave You.  He made yours and mine fearfully and wonderfully.

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