Heart Shaped Kingdom

Long-Distance-Relationship-TellsGod’s Kingdom on earth and after this earth is heart shaped. 

Understanding that fact, is crucial in understanding the way God’s Kingdom breaths and produces life.

The Heart Is The Only Lens That Is Operational

Western society attempts to thrive through rationally produced understandings of truth. Not that the intellectual part of mankind is not important.  But, the “rationalist” ideology has taken the place of kingship in the western world.  Both spiritual and so called “secular.”  The truth of the matter is that the idea of a spiritual secular divide is wholly non biblical and non kingdom….but that’s for another discussion.

God’s Kingdom Often Seems Non-Ratoional

I heard someone say that if you are looking for a religion that makes sense, then authentic Christianity is not for you.  You need to look somewhere else.  Again…it’s not about “dumbing everything down” and checking one’s brains at the door when they enter God’s Kingdom.  The intellect is a useful tool when used properly.   It’s about what is in control…reason or heart.  It’s, therefore, also about learning the language the heart speaks.  It’s not the same language as intellectual rationality.

God Speaks Heart Language

It’s vital to learn how to function with one’s heart because it is the language God speaks and it is the source of the power that changes issues and people from lesser to better.

Your heart is God’s “transformer room.”   Therefore, the power to change into God’s Kingdom image is by giving attention to …

Heart Issues.

Instead of seeking the Kingdom of God to rationally understand Him and His life truths as well as solutions for life challenges…

Seek God’s Kingdom for the purpose of increasing intimacy with Him.  That’s the root.  Intimacy in all it’s many splendored facets.   When the root is intimacy with God, the fruit is like unto what God gave Adam and Eve.  A garden full of trees to enjoy.