Help Me Quiet My Mind!

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Do you struggle with being able to calm your mind?  When you want to focus on hearing from the Lord, do you battle with renegade thoughts? Do you have trouble going to sleep because you can’t turn off your mind?

This may surprise you, but “taking your thoughts captive” is not as complicated as you may be thinking.  Lack of complication doesn’t make it easy, but you’re – more than likely – not a special case 🙂

Since man is a three part being, let’s take on this battle with our thoughts by separating your thoughts into 3 categories:

  1. Their Business
  2. God’s Business
  3. My Business

Their Business

That’s all the stuff we catch ourselves thinking about that we wish were different about another person (including and not limited to our children, spouses, and friends.)  Any time a thought starts with the words,

  • “They should…”
  • “It would be better if they…”
  • “Why can’t they see that…”

Those are the opening words to thoughts that venture into an arena where you have absolutely no control.  As justified and correct as those thoughts or intentions might be, choose to say to them, “Whoa, Nellie!  Not my business and therefore a waste of mental energy!”  Besides that…where did we get the idea we can successfully live our lives and somebody else’s at the same time?  Plus…that’s egotistical with a capitol “E” to think we know what’s best for someone else when we can’t keep our own lives on track.

Guess what?  You’ve just cleared your brain of 1/3 of the weight that’s been pressing down on you.

God’s Business

That’s the second category that will crush you flat like a bug…cuz you ain’t God.  Only He has the brain power to handle this stuff.  Worrying about wars, famines, the economy, and other things we cannot – in no way – no how – handle or have the wisdom to even sniff around mentally means we’re up in God’s business.  Time to back out gracefully.

Okay…now we’ve just off loaded 2/3 of the weight of our worlds that we have been mistakenly carrying between our shoulders!

My Business

My business is the only category God has given me to deal with.  It will take some practice because we’re too used to being up in God’s and everybody else’s business…even sincerely so.  However, using the three categories to separate out what we’ve been thinking about, will be a great help to experiencing that long desired peace of mind.

Questions and Comments Are Welcome!

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  • I am going to work on that… I have an awful time sleeping at night as my brain just doesn’t want to stop… This sounds like it will really work and is so true…

    • Thanks, Cherryl. Yep, just separating our thoughts into categories like that takes us a long way to mental relief. The 2nd part is dependent on choosing to let go of the thoughts that aren’t our business. Because some of it seems so sincere…but…that kind of sincerity ultimately became mental bondage which proves it isn’t God.