His Glory In Everyday Life

Glory is one of those words you’ll repeatedly hear in Christian circles through songs and testimony.  The Believer’s heart desire is to “bring glory to God.”

What does that mean?

Like so many words we use in our faith, it is spoken or sung from a sincere heart but little depth of practical meaning.  The more we are specific in our understanding, the more powerful the actual reality in our lives.

Hebrew Words (Old Testament):  Kavod.   Comes from a word that means weight.  By implication, it is used for something having great honor.  The opposite word means to make light of or dishonor.

The second Hebrew word is Shekinah.  The words Shekinah Glory are used when it refers to the glory that has an emotional or physical response.  The feeling that comes with perceived beauty is often the fruit of God’s felt presence.

Greek (New Testament):  Doxa.  As with many attempts at translation from one language to another, doxa is a word that cannot be understood with one description.  Magnificence is a word that brings the meaning to light.

Whether or not we are speaking of the Hebrew or the Greek words for glory, they all are very similar in description.

Practical Results

Translating academic understandings of ‘glory’ into practical, daily demonstration is what brings value.  What God desires is that we learn to ‘practice His presence’; another way of saying ‘giving God glory.’

The essential definition of who and what God is, according to the Scriptures, is Love (1 John 4:8).  I will leave the study and meditation of the Scriptures to discover the depth, height, and width, of love’s details for yourself.  Suffice it to say that God’s love is an infinitely faceted diamond.  It is deep feeling that drives practical action.  To reduce the idea of God’s love to “being loving” without clear, practical description is the reason so many people have the belief that God loves, but are not able to hold on to it for themselves.

Search the Scriptures.  Search on-line study helps.  Ponder over and ask the Holy Spirit to give you supernatural, personal, practical understanding.  Ask yourself and the Lord the question, “What would love look like in my life.”

Love and Glory

Glory looks like God’s love manifested in and through you.
(Be specific…being general isn’t helpful and won’t bring about God’s and your desired change) 

May the beauty, magnificence, delight, and weight of His glory be a demonstration of His love in your life.