Hobby Lobby – Other Morality Alternatives

Hobby LobbyLet the first words from my keyboard say, “I am not anti Hobby Lobby.  It’s a fantastic craft store.  My wife and I have often shopped there and will continue to do so.  The product line is great.

I am pro any business that is a positive addition to it’s community.  I especially appreciate those of like-faith and principle to mine.  Come-on.  That’s human nature.

Another business in the Quad Cities (that is also national) that has won my admiration is “Pizza Ranch.”  They are positively invested in the community, and have a great “witness” in the faith of their founders.  Their God honoring vision is professionally framed in large letters right by the cash register, and their employees reflect a great attitude of service…besides the fact…can we say, “Yummy!”

And one more business I’d like to mention Is Whitey’s Ice Cream with several “scumpdileicious” flavors of ice cream, great service, and heavy community involvement and Christ-honoring witness.

These mentioned are large enough to be effected by the same Government mandates that Hobby Lobby has taken to court.  I don’t know anything about their individual positions other than what I’ve seen regarding Hobby Lobby.  The outcome will certainly effect them and any other business with their own personal faith moral standards.

Without having a profound depth of understanding of the individual moral caveats of the issue, I know that the “fly in the ointment” that is being utilized in the case is the issue of a company being mandated to pay for insurance that covers women for potentially abortive contraceptives. I am pro-life in belief and abortion is immoral to me.  Let’s please make that clear.

I do think that intrusive big-government is a bigger issue at stake here.  I believe our current government has begun coloring outside the lines of the intent of our founding fathers.  And, I believe they are using some pretty fat crayons.

I realize that, maybe, the only way companies like Hobby Lobby can be heard in a court of law is to attach itself to a moral issue.  Especially if it’s radio-active in our political culture. They aren’t ever going to be heard on something as general as, “government is too big.”  They can attack a specific fruit, though.  And in our present political climate receive a hearing.

However, (personally) I wish the case didn’t revolve around the highest civil  court in the land making a decision on subjective morality.  To me it’s not subjective morality, but I’m afraid their decision will set precedent on other interpretations of morality I’m not sure anyone would actually want decided cart blanch. 

Creative Alternative Thinking

I don’t question the genuineness behind Hobby Lobby owners deciding to sue.  I don’t question their sincere concern for their individual employees and the principle of freedom to conduct profitable business as they see fit.  And…

I also know this is a business for economic profit and not a church or faith based helps organization.

But…I wonder if another alternative (probably unheard of in business) would be to invest in giving women, who voluntarily choose, alternative decision making abilities besides abusive contraceptives.  It is not a stretch of imagination on my part for a company to adopt creative forms of “good news” opportunities that can be chosen by the employees.

It may not be considered viable business practice, but I do know of companies that have hired intercessors on payroll whose sole job description is to be constantly praying for the business and it’s employees.

Although this may seem pretty defeatist on my part, I’m not sure the horse is not already out of the gate on so many issues now in our society.  I’m not sure that the Lord is that concerned about us getting the horses back in the coral as He is that we, as ambassadors of His Kingdom learn new creative ways to bring His Kingdom to earth.

Consider me naive…and maybe I am.

Perhaps we’ve become too used to fighting the devil in his arena with his inferior weapons.

Maybe there’s a better way than bringing a knife to a gunfight.  While the enemy is fighting with knives, I’m going to fight with the biggest baddest gun I can get.

Just saying….

What do you feel?  Please feel free to comment: