How God Inspires Normal People

It is my desire and goal that God’s breath continually fills the sails of my routine, everyday life.  Not just on Sundays, or only when I’m praying and reading my Bible; but, every day…all day.

An inspired life.  An inspiring life.  Jesus called it ‘the abundant life.’ (John 10:10)

So, can I tell you what that ‘looked like’ for me today?

I officiate non-denominational wedding ceremonies.  For a while now, I’ve wanted a new pair of slacks as well as a different tie to spruce up my wedding officiant’s outfit.

My wife suggested I look at Kohls.  That’s a store where, in the past, we’ve found some pretty good deals on clothing.

While driving to the store, I said, “Lord, please help me find a pair of charcoal grey slacks at a good deal…and maybe a tie, too.”

At the Men’s Department, I began searching the aisles and kiosks of slacks.  I found a pair of pants in my size that looked like they would work well.  Price:  $60.  Umm…maybe.  More than I wanted to spend, but…if I have to…I suppose.  I’d like better-looking slacks.  Not that the ones I have aren’t okay.  However, I would like an upgrade.

I kept looking (while carrying the first pair).  Oh, over there on that kiosk.   There’s a pair that looks even better and in my size.  Price:  $75.  (Ay!) Too much money.  Probably fair for the quality but…not an amount I wanted to pay.  (Oh, well…)

Finally, I head for the Fitting Room with both pairs.  I didn’t want to buy either.  But, these are what seems to be available in my size and color.  At the same time, I’m also trying to decide which of the two pair I would be the most satisfied.

[I stop in my tracks.  Something niggles inside me to keep looking.  So, I turn around and keep scouring the isles to see if I’ve missed something.]

Long story short.  I kept nosing through the same aisles and kiosks hoping for a better deal in the right color, and my size would, somehow, ‘magically’ appear.

After several more minutes, the ‘magic’ happened.  I saw a small clearance table I had not previously noticed.

{Stick with me.  There is a moral and happy lesson to this rambling story.}

As I scanned the table, I saw my waist size on one of the pairs.  But, when I picked it up, the length was 4 inches too long.

“Yep…that’s why it’s on a clearance table, I thought.  It’s odd sizes that didn’t sell.”

For some reason, I felt ‘compelled’ to keep looking.  It wasn’t logical to keep trying the clearance table for slacks that would fit me.  The size I wear is one of the most common and sell quickly.  What’s more, the urge to keep looking wasn’t like a Charlton Heston voice in my gut that indicated my persistence was a direction from God.  It felt more like undying tenacity…or possibly illogical stubbornness.

As I was about to give up, though, and spend more money than I wanted to part with, I caught a glimpse of a label nearly buried in a stack I’d already been through (I thought more than once).  I looked more closely retrieving it from the stack. No way!  My size!

“What, I thought, is a popular size doing on a clearance table?”  Hmmm 🙂

I grabbed them up and headed for the fitting room.  They fit.  Perfectly.  The color was what I wanted. And, the clearance sticker read $16.

Then, as I was about to leave my cubicle, I heard the man in the space next to mine telling his wife that he had just found a great tie on a clearance rack.  Yep, I wanted a new tie, too.  I clutched my sale slacks with a giddy smile in my heart and headed out to find the ties.

Dejavu!  The only ties I could find were beautiful…but $35 each.   But, I’m not going to lengthen this article even further.  Let’s just say it was a repeat performance similar to my slacks escapade.  Result:  I finally found, nearly hidden,  a small clearance rack for ties. On it was a great one that would blend my ‘wedding officiant’s outfit’ together very nicely.  Retail: $35.  Sticker over sticker over sticker:  $3.10

But, that’s not all!

I get to the checkout counter.  The smiling, friendly cashier rings up my slacks, and tie, and then says, “And, I have a coupon for 20% off I’ll apply for you.”

I paid $17.10 and saved over $76 off retail.  I had asked the Lord to guide me.

Do you think He did?

Here’s the lesson:

Many people believe that if God were leading me (inspiring me), I would have gone right to the sale slacks and sale ties.  Otherwise, they say, “It’s just human effort.  That wasn’t supernatural.”

I beg to differ.  That belief is one of the biggest reasons that so many sincere Christ-Followers miss out on the abundant, inspired, and inspiring life that God desires for us.  They feel that God’s direction supersedes human effort and persistence.

To the contrary, the majority of the time, God’s inspiration fills the sails of one’s daily life influencing the direction of the daily journey.  The ‘nudges’ of the wind often seem to mimic the natural process of decision making.

Oh, yes, there are times (when truly needed) that a more ‘spectacular miracle’ arrives on the scene.  However, as a course of normal life on this side of eternity, the Holy Spirit trains the intentional soul to become increasingly sensitive to the ‘still small voice’ within as God’s sons and daughters learn the joy of abundant partnership with Him.

Be a son or daughter of God who is intentional about an increasingly sensitive companionship with Him as your daily journey unfolds before you.  Be inspired, and be inspiring.