How Love Finds Us

I can promise you that Love will find you.  In fact, Love has probably already found you!

In fact, I could change the word Love to Peace, Joy, or whatever else it is you think you lack.

Love found me.  So did Peace, Joy, and some other life qualities.  In fact, these qualities all found me long before I realized that they had accomplished their task.

Christ Wasn’t Lost.  I Was.

Another way that I could state the above is by saying that Christ found me.  He had actually been ‘in residence’ with me for quite a long time.  The reason I hadn’t experienced His plan to know a much greater degree of love, peace, and joy, etc. was because I had these qualities of life buried underneath layers of ‘Christian” denominational doctrines (dogmas).

Christ Life Doesn’t Live In Doctrines.

I had been lead to believe, for decades, by the voices of teaching, and preaching (including mine) that there were doctrines of essential theological truth to be ‘believed’ in order to land on the good side of God…and those of my tribe’s persuasion.   We also secluded each other inside chain link fences of ‘fear boundaries’.

Important note:  I’m not against doctrine, per se.  Establishing patterns of belief in an understandable and transferable way can be very helpful.  My objection is to living doctrines that become rigid dogmas that end conversations rather than starting them.

Jesus told the religious leaders of His day, “You search the Scriptures because it is in them that you think you have eternal life.  However, their purpose is to lead to Me” (John 5:39)

I believe in searching the Scriptures.  I believe as Paul told pastor Timothy, that they are profitable. (2 Timothy 3:16).  I believe that God’s breath of inspiration was intended to guide me on my journey to a living relationship with Jesus as my Way, Truth, Life…Love, Joy, Peace, etc.

There’s no life in the doctrine, itself.  The doctrine is a mental framework that funnels us toward the Life (Love, Joy, Peace, etc.) that is already in residence and one with me.  When I say ‘One with me,’ I mean so interwoven with every spiritual cell of by Being that the sharpest laser couldn’t distinguish between Christ-Life and Spirit-Me Life.

You Can Stop Looking.

There’s a place for “Seek, and you shall find…”  But, that is a search that doesn’t really apply to the point of this article.  Most people have an assumed perception of what love, peace, and joy will look like when they think they’ve found it.  They’ve designed the version they think they desire.  They don’t realize the real source is abundantly better.

What I Found

I know how you feel in that vain pursuit.  I’ve felt the same way myself.  However, I found that my determined perception kept me dulled or blinded to the real deal.

So…I gave up.  I didn’t resign in defeat.  Instead, I quit trying so hard to get a feeling (my version) of love, joy, or peace to magically appear somehow.

I Started and Ended Each Day “Letting Go” and “Letting Be”

I know that sounds weird.  It’s honestly hard to explain.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to enter into this 10-minute ‘process’.  The heart of the matter is in the INTENTION.

Humbly intend to quiet the impulses of thought that keep you in the position of being your own Project Manager.  Allow the God you are One with to be the Project Manager.  Intentially release yourself to that thought and feeling.  Be still and gently allow the quality of His life to begin emerging into your consciousness.  Don’t pre-determine how it should feel.  Let it rise.

Wasting Time

Your rational, western trained mind will cynically voice that you are wasting time in a silly mystical pursuit.  Please let me encourage you that this ‘foolishness’ is what will make you wise in life.

Closing Thought

YHWH (Yahweh) is the primary and considered to be God’s highest name.  The most accurate way to pronounce it is in not ‘saying’ it at all, but instead hear it as you inhale and exhale.

As you practice gently ‘centering’ yourself for several minutes at the beginning and end of the day (and in the middle too….or whenever), focus on the breathing of His name.  As you do so, listen and realize His Presence.

You’ve already been found by what you feel you need the most!  Begin allowing what you already have to manifest within you.