How Simple Faith Works Best

yesExercising faith is not always easy, but it should always be simple.

Complicated faith is the product of a “works” mindset.  It’s always about making sure “I do it right.”

Today, I want to share a simple story of how simple it is to “turn on” faith that receives God’s promises.

I was recently taking a member of my church home after our Sunday family gathering.  When I arrived at the entrance to her building, I saw a young lady who had visited us at The Sanctuary, Davenport a couple of times.  When I greeter her, she asked me the following question:

Do you think God wants to heal me?  I’m bi-polar and am diabetic.”

I talked with her for a few minutes and reminded her of some of the healing and miracle promises in the Bible.

(Side note:  I did not take a hyper faith attitude with her.  I simply quoted some of the scriptures for her to remember.  Otherwise, I believe she would have felt “scolded.”)

I then asked her if I could say “a little prayer” for her.  She said, yes, and I took her hands.  I then prayed a simple prayer – in a conversational tone – acknowledging the truth and surety of God’s grace for her life.   As I was saying amen, the following thought crossed my mind:

“I say Yes to my healing!”

I then gave the young lady this instruction based on what I sensed.  I said, “According to what God has said in the Bible, healing is part of what God desires for us….and you.  Therefore, every day it will be a simple matter of receiving His words as truth.”

I then went on to tell her she didn’t need to worry about saying the right things in prayer or “confession” of healing verses.  I said, it’s just like receiving Jesus into your heart and life.  Just say, Yes!  Every day (and whenever you think about it during the day) simply say to God, “I say yes to my bi-polar miracle.  I say yes to recovering from diabetes.”

I then asked her if she thought she could remember to do that.  With a big smile she said, “Yes.  I definitely can do that!”

The longer I help mentor people in the life that Jesus has already bought and payed for, the more I am convinced that we tend to make all of his life-giving principles into defeat-dealing rules of conduct.  What we too often call faith and grace is a new mask on fear and works.

We need, more than anything, to approach our relationship with the Lord and His life with a K.I.S.S.  (Keep It Simple Stup…err…Silly)

What have you discovered along the way?  Join the conversation in the comments.




  • Donna Blundell

    Just say, “Yes”! Probably one of the most simple and profound exercising faith messages that I have heard in a long time. Thanks for sharing.