How To Experience Blessings

There’s a very common prayer.  It goes something like this, “God we pray that you bless…”  I’ve prayed it.  I will likely pray those words again. I’m not suggesting it’s “bad” prayer.   However, I’m becoming more and more firmly convinced it falls short  of being a “best” most effective, accurate prayer.

Here’s why:

The overwhelming truth of Ephesians 1:3, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.”

The catch in many sincere minds is the “in heavenly places” part.  After all, we live in the nasty now and now.  Not the sweet by and by.  We need to be blessed where we live now….right?

Well, of course right.  The issue is the location of “heavenly places.” 

<Quick aside if you’ll permit me.  I’m not talking about putting on a positive spiritual front and parroting a few obvious things we should be thankful for.  I’m talking about things we begin to recognize, receive, embrace, and enjoy with all our hearts.  The “peace bringer” kind of blessings>

So…heavenly places.  Where is that?  That’s a two sided coin:

  1. The heavenly region.  The abode of God and the angels.
  2. Of heavenly origin or nature.

In “time before time” the passion of God’s heart was to bless mankind.  Upon the sinful act of man, the remedy had to be done according to the law of the universe.  Jesus would fit the bill with perfection.  Therefore, it was decided.  In and through Jesus blessings were to be, once again, lavished upon mankind.  Only one thing flips that switch.  Believing what He says.

Now this is where a sincere person will often retort, “if you’re not walking in sin.”  Well, that’s sorta true…except many good Christians I know don’t know what that means.  It’s not a matter of God seeing someone sin, and withdrawing His hand of blessing.  (No need to go, but, but, but, here.)

You see, when you or I commit sins, it means we “reposition” our faith onto what we can accomplish by our own efforts and abilities.  That’s really what sin is.  Unplugging from the True Source to get the satisfaction we feel we deserve and that God is withholding…or taking His far too sweet time about.

So, since we have now unplugged from the Superior Source and placed our faith in the inferior (sin), the result is about the same as one would get trying to suck caramel through a straw.  He didn’t withhold blessing.  We unplugged our faith from Jesus and reconnected our faith to ourselves.

One’s born again spirit is also the resident of heavenly places in Christ.  The blessing resides with us; Even if dormant through ignorance or unbelief.

Therefore, I would suggest that a better prayer would be, “Father, I thank You that You have blessed me/whoever.”  “I also ask that You give me clearer eyes to see the multitude of blessings that are mine.  Especially those that are all around me that I’ve been blindly tripping over.” 

There is nothing you can do… to get God to do… what He’s already done… through Jesus.  You can’t be good enough.  He already was.  You can’t be holy enough.  He already is.  Face tomorrow knowing that it’s already been blessed by God.  Trust.  May the Holy Spirit give us eyes to see and hearts to embrace what we already own.

What do you think?  I’d look forward to discussing this with you.


P.S.  Sometimes we have the word “blessing” personally locked into too small of a box.  We look for our specific definitions of what we think “blessing” will look like when we receive them.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you enlarge what a blessing looks, feels, and acts like.