How To Get What I Don’t

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Some people call it, “Having a revelation.”  Others term it, “an ah-ha moment.”  Whatever we call it, it’s that point in time when something we were struggling to get our heads around finally makes sense.

A life truth that I discovered some time ago was that it is more important to get one’s heart around something than getting the head around it.

Because of that “revelation/ah-ha moment,” I have been training myself to approach issues with my heart first rather than my own understanding.

“Trust the Lord with all your heart.  Lean not on your own understanding”

Another way to say, “own understanding” from Proverbs 3:5 is don’t put your weight on what you think you know.

To fill the brain with good information is very important.  We need to always be learning and it’s not an issue of divorcing your head from your heart.

The issue is the question, “Where do you put the weight?”

Our heads were never designed to function as a candle or flashlight.  That’s what God created the heart to do.  The heart generates the light we need to navigate this life.

We have to have information to work with.  The brain gathers and stores that information.  Without that gathered intelligence, there wouldn’t be anything for the heart to enlighten.  In other words, “For God so loved the world” is just information (and non personal) until the heart shines on the words in a way a person can embrace and enjoy them.

That’s true for us as individuals, personally.  That’s als0 true for other people we are concerned for.  You know…the folks we care about that nothing…no amount of counseling…no amount of encouragement we try to give seems to make any lasting impact.

It’s because they need a revelation!  An “AH-HA.”

I’ve recently witnessed several such situations where individuals seemed to be batting their heads against the wall.  They were getting headaches rather than breakthroughs.

However, when the focus was changed from “trying to convince” to “praying for heart revelation,” absolutely amazing things started happenings.  As a matter of fact, in some cases, faster than I would have dreamed possible.

I personally do two things for heart enlightenment:

  1. I pray Ephesians 1:17-19 substituting the persons name (or the word, “my”).  Example:  “I pray that the eyes of (my/Jeff’s/Jane’s) heart will be enlightened that (I/he/she) might know you better and that they might know the hope of (my/his/her) calling, etc.”
  2. I pray in the Spirit (tongues).  In fact, I have discovered amazing results and a whole lot of “coincidences” popping up that weren’t before I started giving myself to the practice on a frequent and regular daily basis.

I pray that the eyes of (my reader’s) heart might be filled with wisdom and revelation that they will receive more than information from this article, but have a personal ah-ha in the reading of it.