How To Have The Best Breakthroughs

magic-bulletAsk 10 people how to have the best breakthroughs and you’ll likely hear several different opinions from either their own experience or the last seminar they attended.

One thing that I know FOR SURE!

There are no magic bullets.  One. Size. Does. NOT. Fit. All.

I’m not sure of all the psychology behind it, but very often we – as Western Christians – are on the hunt for the one RIGHT answer.  The BEST technique.  The MOST EFFECTIVE formula.  It probably has a lot to do with our exposure to the inundation of advertising and marketing.

Still In Search

There is a purpose for advertizing and marketing of a product.  To. Sell. Said. Product.  And to sell said product, the advertiser uses attention getting techniques that promises what it normally can’t deliver.  And that, my friend, is one of the main reasons why so many folks are still looking for yet another “one-size-fits-all” magic bullet.

But The Truth Is

The truth is…THERE. IS. NO. MAGIC. BULLET!  Breakthroughs to increasing and lasting freedom come one way, and one way only.

Knowing the truth.  Not knowing the right church doctrine.  Knowing the truth.  THE truth is a person…JESUS.  Although there are many good methods being taught that can help an individual see Him more clearly, the techniques will fail – yet again – if a person begins to believe that it’s the RIGHT way.  Even the BEST way for every individual (yourself included).

Deliverance Ministry Training

I believe in being trained to help people find their path to freedom!  I believe there are principles that can be learned that are helpful.  But these are two of the things I reject:

  1. One way is the right way for everyone.
    I am very familiar with a method called, SOZO.  It’s the Greek word meaning “Freedom.”  It’s often translated in the Scriptures as “Salvation.”  It’s powerful.  No doubt about it.  SOZO can be an extremely effect means of helping a person remove the stumbling blocks from their lives.However…

To assume that is the best right method is not correct.  If SOZO is treated as a magic bullet, folks will end up disappointed…and they’ll be on the hunt for the next deliverance ministry because this one didn’t solve all their emotional/spiritual problems.

There are a number of pretty good programs out there that can be helpful…AS A HELP.  I’m only naming SOZO because I’m most familiar with it.  And…I repeat…It’s a good one…AS A POTENTIAL HELP.

2.  The Devil Is Your Main Problem (read above…I reject that)

Deliverance ministries (often unintended) have a “get rid of the devil” mentality.  If we can just get rid of the devil, we’ll find the freedom and peace we’re looking for.  (or some such thinking).  It’s predicated on the subtle background belief that the devil is more powerful than he actually is…since Jesus stripped him of his power and authority.

Now….my friend…you may say, “Yes, Gary, that’s true.”  But what you actually believe deep down inside is that the devil is the main source of you not getting where you want to go.   And. I. Reject. That.

Then What Is The Main Source Of My Ongoing Problems?

It’s the main source of my ongoing issues, myself.

The main source is not ignorance of the right truths.  The main source of our problems is…

Wait for it….

Lack of intimately knowing God!  (Not to be confused with knowing ABOUT Him.)
Okay…sure…and the devil is keeping me from knowing Him the way I want to.

Uh-huh…what did I just say?  I said that we give the devil too much credit.

Many of the deliverance ministries, like SOZO, demonstrate that the responsibility is upon the individual in how they’ve been responding to various woundings of mind and heart.

But, if the individual being SOZO’d or Well Springed, or whatever still holds onto the belief that the devil has more power and authority than he actually has….then it’s going to be the mouse on the treadmill all over again.

I sincerely believe we have to abandon the “get rid of the devil” mentality that some hold onto.

Let me close this post with Psalm 91:14, “Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high , because he hath known my name.”

Many tormented people (all of us in some way whether it feels like torment or not) would say that they set their love upon the Lord, because they deeply believe He is the center of their lives and affections, but actually the memories of the offenses are what they have been rehearsing day and night.  They “know the names” of all the things that have been imprisoning them.

“To set your love upon Him.”  In the Hebrew verb tenses it’s a very aggressive stance.  It’s not passive.

The belief of many, no matter how sincere and strong in their minds, would truthfully be considered “passive.” 

It’s not about how much we do in “religious/faith” activities” that makes the tense aggressive.  It’s about how we initiate ongoing intimate relationship with the person and personality of HIM.

Pondering His name…loving His name…embracing internally the fullness of His name.  That’s a path well worth traveling.


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