How To Manage Uncertainties by Gary Ellis

Uncertainty is not an indication of weakness or lack of faith.  It’s by-in-large the fabric of real life on planet earth.  In fact, faith would not be necessary if we were always sure about everything. 

Trust and faith are the very spiritual realities that help us navigate through uncertainty.  They are not the qualities that guarantee us being able to avoid times of questioning.  These two twin forces are the bedrock; But, there are also some practical points that brings peace and wisdom when uncertainty strikes.

1.  The very first point I made.  When you are uncertain, don’t immediately fall under the false assumption that you are spiritually inferior.  That only leads to guilt feelings and leads you further away from peace and potential solutions.  For the sons and daughters of God, victory begins at the finish line;  Choosing a position of rest in Christ.

2.  Wait.  People who chronically worry, usually do so about things that never happen.  They rush to judgement.  They “see” and play mental hop-scotch with all the possible negatives that assure them that their life sucks.  At least at that period of time.  When a situation lights, WAIT.  Don’t be quick to make any decisions based on incomplete information.  Especially if you feel a need to instantly respond, wait.  Choose to consider all the ways the Lord could show you victory.  He’s promised manifested victory for those who wait on Him.  I can’t remember the last time He lied….Yep, that would be NEVER.

3.  Walk away from it.  Say WHAT??!!   Yep, you heard (read) me right.  Move away from the need to respond or try to figure out a good solution.  Take it to the Lord and leave it there.  Recent studies have indicated that focusing on an issue without any break actually forces your mind in the kind of single track that blocks creativity.  After you’ve chosen to take your mind and place its focus on some other things for at least a couple of days (or more) you may be surprised at how the Lord has worked some things out without your help.  AMAZING!  When He needs your actions, He’ll let you know…but He won’t come with a nagging voice.  It will feel wise and peaceable.  Again…commit it to Him and wait.  Don’t allow yourself the short lived pleasure of a rash decision.

4. Put some possibilities in writing.  Another way  to manage uncertainties is to actually write down a flexible list of different possibilities.  There’s something about putting your thoughts to paper that helps clarify appropriate and inappropriate actions.  Start by entrusting the process of making a solutions list to the Lord.  Then, write what’s on your mind and what comes to mind.  Then ” sit on” the list for at least a day.  Come back to it.  Read over it.  Chuck the junk.  Pray a bit more over the “better” stuff.  Maybe something else will “occur” to you (occur is a code word for Spirit suggestion).  There’s something about writing your thoughts that helps create avenues for the Lord’s whisper to invade your heart and mind.

5.  Embrace a life full of uncertainties.  That’s life on planet earth.  Don’t wish that you could live without them.  Don’t think faith is supposed to protect you from uncertainty.  It’s the very reason we have faith and trust.  To navigate successfully through the realities of this age’s earth existence.  The only time you’ll be free from uncertainty is the second after you heart stops beating.

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