How To Never Forget The Good Stuff

Great Insight.001I used to hate the idea of “journaling.”  It sounded so….”girly.”  Chics keep journals.  Not men like me.

Then I realized something extremely important:  There are so many things that fight to grab our attention every day, that even the greatest ideas vanish far more quickly than we would imagine.

Someone has quipped, “The stubbiest pencil has a better memory than the most brilliant mind.”

Keep a record (even a rough idea) of good ideas, thoughts, and prayers.

People that think that God never speaks to them say that simply because they forget what He says.

Keep records of these things:  (You’ll be glad you did)

  1. Get a cheap (or expensive) notebook and make a record of the things or people that you are praying for.  Date it.  Record the answer when it comes.  Re-read them occasionally.  It will build your faith.
  2. Get a pocket sized memo pad to carry with you.  Jot down positive “aha” thoughts that “occur” to you throughout the day.  Jot down thoughts from others you hear or read.
  3. Start a blog of “best things.” … (or any memorable things).  That’s one of the reasons I even started blogging several years ago.  You might ask, “What if I don’t have time to write the details as a full blog post when I get the thought.  What I do is open my blog, create a simple headline, and a few rough details and save them in “draft” form.  I have 8 or 9 drafts sitting unpublished right now that I will develop later.

You decide how and what for yourself.

One size does not fit all.  However, the “takeaway” from reading this is a decision to keep records of good things.  As the O.T. Scriptures refer to it, “making memorials.”

Writing it is the Right thing.  It’ll change your life for the good!

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