How To Under-Whelm Yourself (1)

The feelings of being overwhelmed run rampant during this Thanksgiving to Christmas time period.  Many live with the emotion of being overwhelmed a good part of their lives.  So, can something be done about it?  Can we
“under-whelm” ourselves?

I’m going to share some bite sized solutions for the next several posts.  Applied, these authentic keys will unlock greater levels of peace this season…and hopefully, forever.

Worry and Anxiety Suck As Sheilds

Worry and anxiety are two of the chief ingredients in the art of “overwhelmedness.”  <I love made up words.> There is really only one reason they have that status of importance in our thinking/believing.  We believe that worrying about something will protect us from impending disaster.

I don’t know about you, but they have never…I mean NEVER…performed as promised for me.  Instead, worry and anxiety have robbed me of sleep, solutions, and solace.

All inner concerns are not bad.  There is an unsettled feeling that can have positive effects.  Sometimes we need to make a decision about something and we’ve procrastinated.  The uneasiness that we may feel, at those times, may be justified…if it motivates us to a positive action. However, lack of inner ease is not what I’m talking about and we both know it.

As long as you or I attribute positive characteristics to worry and anxiety…as long as we justify it’s personal existence in our space…we are destined to “enjoy” being overwhelmed.  But the fact is…worry is faith in reverse.  Faith always works.  Worry always works…but not for our good.

Here’s the kicker.  Worry and anxiety usually spring out of things (multiple things) that all seem reasonable and logical and that all seem to “hit” at the same time.  If they didn’t seem justified, you wouldn’t bite the bait.

Consider the word of the Lord in Philippians 4…

“Don’t be anxious about anything…”

That’s God speaking.  He must know what He’s talking about.  So, stop believing that a good worry will protect you from anything at any time.

That – by itself – will take you a long way to Under-Whelmedville.   Pull the plug and let worry and anxiety swirl down the drain.  That’s where they belong.  In the sewer with the rest of the rats.

To Be Continued…

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  • Dia


    Very nice post. Worry keeps people from doing what they like and it causes them to feel negativity when they don’t need to. We should always trust things will turn positive, the way we really want them to be. THanks for sharing

    • Thanks for the response Dia. Worry is always a cruel task master and a thief.