How To Under-Whelm Yourself (3)

Is this your coffee mug?

It could be your coffee mug if you try to control everything and worry about the things you can’t.  It could be your coffee mug if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  In fact, it likely is.

One of the most common causes for the seeming need to control circumstances and people is a fear of loss.  And that breaks down to two general catagories:

  • Loss of feeling and being secure
  • Loss of personal reputation

And this is a trust issue.  Because the fact is simple.  We all must put our trust in something or someone bigger than us, ourselves.

We ultimately know, intuitively, that we are fragile and that we really can’t control anything but ourselves.  We can’t control circumstances, and we can’t control others.

Can’t happen.  Never, ever gonna happen no matter how much energy we put into it.

Therefore, to “under-whelm” yourself, focus consciously (minute by minute if necessary) on the One who is bigger, smarter, and more trustworthy than any human being or circumstance.

That will soon begin letting the air out of the “overwhelmed” balloon.

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