How To Under-Whelm Yourself (5)

Instead of wishing there wasn’t so much to do, the art of “under-whelming” yourself is often a matter of a good old fashioned cowboy roundup.

Nearly everyone lives in the fast lane. That’s a fact of life by nature of our Western culture.  Our schedules are hyper busy and cluttered with activities, projects, and responsibilities.  No good moaning about it.

At the same time, it isn’t necessary to live overwhelmed by it all.

The difference between being overwhelmed and “underwhelmed” is a matter of making choices.  In every “herd” of activities, there are those “horses” that are must saves.  Then there are others that are further and further down the scale of values.  That is always the case.

Every “horse” in your “herd” is not of equal value.

Therefore, an important key to settling the stress is to cull the herd.  It takes some thought and making some decisions.

Make those decisions based on “most to least” important.

What things must be responded to…or else there will be negative repercussions?  Decide them one at a time and put those on a list of “most to least” in importance.
Then what things do not actually have to be accomplished in the “short term?”  Either forget about those things or “parking lot them” to be responded to later.

Here’s a fact.  The pressure we often feel is not a matter of fact but of mistaken perception.  You see…a person’s reality is often not fact but personal perception.  That’s a big and important difference!

2 Corinthians 10:5 instructs us to cast down imagination (a specific kind)…those that exalt themselves against the truth of God’s anointing within us.  We are to take every thought captive making them submit themselves to that which corresponds and is in unity with the inner glory of His anointing (Christ, ie: anointing).

Take control of your choices.  The principle of “casting down” and “taking captive” is a truth that directly applies to what we are talking about in this article.

So, start each day with an old fashioned cowboy(girl) roundup.  Think it through.  Categorize.  Cull the herd.  More peace and less pressure will be your experience.

Have any questions?  Ask and I’ll do my best to respond with something practical.